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Dystopian World Is Closer Than We Think (45 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird   13 Sep 2018   / 5813 views

Peak Bureaucracy (Happened In Toronto)

Boring Dystopia

How To Advertise To Millennials

You Must Be Noteworthy To Take A Selfie At This Spot

You Get 3 Minutes

Healthcare Described In One Picture

Look At All That Freedom

I Guess We Just Have To Get Used To This

Trump's Official Survey Doesn't Include Any Negative Response Options

Boring Dystopia

The Only Way To Live

Quick Reminder That We've Been At War For 17 Years. Sure, People Are Sent To Fight And Die Every Day, But It's Just Old News, Right?

American Airlines Announces Pay Raises For Pilots And Flight Attendants, And Investors Balk

"How Can We Decorate Our Lobby To Look Refined While Still Being Utterly Devoid Of Character?"

Drink Soda To Help Fight Diabetes

Kurt Cobain Was Not Diagnosed With A Mental Illness And Leave A Suicide Note For It To Be Turned Into A Fashion Trend

Education For Your Kids? Not Important. Buy Our Expensive Car Instead

Mass Shootings Are Now So Frequent That President Trump Just Copies-And-Pastes His Condolences

Totally Normal And Fine

Liquidation Sale

Late Stage Capitalism

Be Happy

Boring Dystopia

Plastic, As God Made It

They Love It!

Teaching Kids To Read Via Logos

Aligned With The Holiday Spirit

Life Is Beautiful

Gun Show This Weekend

Jaywalkers Under Surveillance In Shenzhen Soon To Be Punished Via Text Messages

S**t Like This Just Happens Constantly Now

Teachers Gifted Supplies For Their Classrooms ...on A Talk Show

I'm Sure The Sermen Drew Some Comparison With Following "False Prophets"

I Withdrew Some Cash And The Receipt Has The Most Dystopian Bloody Thing On It

The Fortune In These Fortune Cookies

You Don't Need Therapy

The Important News

It’s Really Hard Watching Other People Live Out Your Dreams

Protect The Dear Leader, Report Fake News

Boring Dystopia

Watch Live

This Escorting Website Features A Live-Updated Student Debt Clock

Google Helps Its Sponsors Before Its Users

How America Ends

4 Ways Sexual Harassment Can Cost Us

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Comments (2):

birdman 2 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
#1.... $65,000 is probably over the top but from what I can see the steps he built for $550 is way too much for the potential death trap he created. I have never seen anything like it!
ZombieDarwin 2 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
I love how #37, #39, and #44 all.....

....you know what, never mind. The cognitive dissonance needed to put this together without noticing all of that is just... just... *shakes head and wanders off*