Women Who Know That Humor Is The Secret Of Happy Relationships (50 pics)

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My GF Got Me This Card On Valentine’s Day Of This Year Before We Were Officially “Dating.” It Still Makes Me Smile

My Wife Gave Me This Bob Ross Book. This Photo Was Inside

My Wife, A Venezuelan Smartass

My Salute To Calvin And Hobbes, My Husband Thinks I Need Therapy

My Wife Said When I Pass She Would Go The Extra Mile To Give Me The Burial I Deserve...

Izismile Video Collection

Telehubbies. My Old Colleague Was Having A BBQ With Friends And His Wife Captured The Perfect Moment. Sorry, Trey

My Girlfriend Tried To Entice Me To Get Out Of Bed. I'm Ashamed To Say It Worked

My Boyfriend Loves Pasta, So I Sent Him These To Apologise After An Argument

My Girlfriend Left Me A Note

My Wife's New Hand Towel


I Asked My Wife To Send Me Some Underwear Pictures, This Is What I Got In Return

My Wife Sent Me Our Son's Music Results With The Comment "I Can Think Of, Like, 7 Ex-Boyfriends Who Needed A Scoresheet Like This"

My Wife Found These Socks In Target Today. My Whole Life Has Led To This Moment

My Girlfriend Showed Up To A Party For My Birthday Dressed As Me

My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat Playing Behind The TV

My Wife Got Me A New Cutting Board

It Was A Trap

My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet

One Of My Friends Gave Her Husband A Cake To Let Him Know They're Expecting

I Went To Goodwill And Now I'm Counting Down The Minutes Until My Boyfriend Comes Home

Trying To Be An Adult And Read A Scientific Paper And Your Wife Does This

Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

My Friends Grandma's House. She Put A Magazine Cut Out Of Leonardo DiCaprio Over Her Late (Not So Nice) Husband's Face. The 80+ Year Old's Version Of Photoshop

My Wife Literally Said, “Don’t Move”, Then Snapped This Pic Of Me

My Girlfriend Bought Me A Beautiful Pillow For Our Anniversary

Girlfriend Said She Would Take A Pic Of Me Outside The Emirates Stadium

My Wife Has Been Waiting For 2 Days For Me To Open Fridge

I Think My Wife Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Pretty Much Sums Up My Marriage. The Card I Received From My Wife

Life Of Luxury

I Asked My GF To Make Me A Country Style Breakfast And This Is What I Got

Went On A Beach Vacation, Dad Thought He Was Capturing A Tender Moment... Boyfriend Just Asked Me To Hold Onto His Boat While He Puked. Naturally, I Blew It Up And Put It On A Blanket

Might Need To Work On My Love Letter Skills If I'm Gonna Do This Long-Distance Relationship Thing

My Wife Is Excited For My Vasectomy Tomorrow

My Wife Is 39 Weeks Pregnant And Really Wants To See Deadpool 2

My Girlfriend Was True To Her Word!

My Girlfriend Told Me I Take To Long In The Bathroom. So This Is What I Came Back To When I Was Done

Found A Pretty Sweet Valentine's Day Card For The Husband

My GF Was Born Without A Nail On A Finger. We Put Googly Eyes On It

My Wife Is Pregnant And She Thought It Would Be Funny To Take A Picture Of Our Dog's Feet Looking Like They Are Her

So My Wife Just Bought A Sponge Bed

Wife Left A Note In My Lunch

I Got Jokes

I Pushed My Dog Out Of The Seat So I Could Sleep During A Road-Trip. My Wife Took This Picture While I Slept

My Wife’s Card To Me. This Is What Love Looks Like

My Husband Always Got Colored Pencils For His Birthday And Christmas Growing Up And He Hates Them Cause He’s Colorblind. He's Been Wanting An iPhone Forever So Today I Bought Him One And This Is How I Wrapped It:

My Girlfriend Got Me A Mousepad With My Favourite Picture Of Her On It

My Girlfriend Started A New Diary Today. I Got Curious And Took A Glance At It After Asking Her About It. Something Tells Me This A Dummy Diary

What Happens When My Husband Is Being An Ass

It Happened Again! My Girlfriend Took This Photo To Prove That I Dress Like An Old Man


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