If You Try Hard Enough, You Can Find Health Benefits In Almost Anything (10 pics)

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Chewing gum may wreak havoc on your teeth, but it’s actually a great stress reliever and boosts memory. Studies have shown that people who chewed gum during tests performed 24% better on short-term memory tests and 36% better on long-term memory tests. It’s also been proven to limit stress by reducing cortisone levels.


Burping doesn’t just get close talkers out of your face, it can also relieve stomach pain. Burping is a normal process of digestion, helping to expel unwanted gasses which collect in the stomach. Burping is one small way to help maintain good gastric health.


Want to reduce stress and become tough as nails at the same time? Cuss up a fucking storm, fucker. Numerous studies have shown that swearing can reduce stress and relieve frustration. According to a study done by Keele University’s School of Psychology, it can also increase pain tolerance. Fucking right it fucking does. Shit, it might even make you famous.


Hey mom, ground me now! According to several studies and experiments, messy habits are an insight into the creativity hiding inside of each of us. In several experiments, people working in messy conditions have been found to come up with more creative solutions.


I’m a firm, if not rigid and stiff believer in the power of cold showers. I’ve been taking them for years and have the permanent shrinkage to prove it. Straight from the scientists mouths, cold showers improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and actually improve out immune systems. Cold showers can also help you lose weight by activating fat burning activities within your body.


Alright Karen, this one’s for you, you watercooler gossiping hussy. Research has shown that gossiping among friends improves your bond and helps that relationship grow. It can also reduce stress levels and anxiety.


Yeah, all that hand eye coordination shit is cool, but gaming can actually enhance your ability to learn and your decision making. Playing video games helps train people to take sensory data and turn it into correct decision making and better reactions. They’ve also been proven to enhance to brain’s ability to learn.


Coach Nelson would shit a hen if he read this, but skipping showers can actually be good for you. Showering too frequently, particularly with hot water, dries your skin our and increases the likelihood of wrinkles. Showering every other day allows your skin to restore its natural oils increasing health. It also allows the good bacteria on your skin to prosper a little longer shielding you from germs.


Is there really anything worse than those people who are disproportionately social and happy in the morning? Even worse is how much shit they give those of us who like to sleep in a little later. Well, the jokes on you, morning people! Early rising may be bad for your health! People who wake up earlier can be at higher risk for high blood pressure as well as hardening of the arteries, heart attack and hypertension. So next time someone gives you shit for sleeping in, tell them to take an aspirin and calm the fuck down.


Ok, even I have to cringe at this. I stay off that shit as much as possible. It’s a toxic cesspool of negativity and stupidity, but apparently some studies have shown it has a dramatically positive impact on our lives and psychological health. It can help people feel less isolated and increase their connection to society.

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