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Found You! (37 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Jul 2019       7374       1

“Found my grandmother’s calendar which contains the date of her first date with my grandfather. Thursday the 10th, 1955. They would get married 1 year later.”

“Renovating a 100 year old house, found what looks like a samurai sword under a section of the house that had a dirt floor. The sheath is metal on the outside and wood inside. Still sharp and heavy.”

“My roommate bought a pair of pants at the thrift store and found this in one of the pockets.”

“Found perfectly preserved cans in a wall I was demolishing.”

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“We were cleaning out our Aunt’s house who had just passed away and found this. My great-great grandfather’s enlistment paper to WWI.”

“Found a shower during the demo to put in a shower.”

“I lost a toy plane as a kid. It is now part of the tree.”

“8 years after I asked for an autograph, actor Victor Garber finally responded in 2015.”


“This bottle of Elvis Presley “Love Me Tender” Conditioning Shampoo from 1985 I found in my attic.”

“Working a trade, you’ll meet some of the nicest guys.”

“Found a purse with ancient coins. The purse was hidden in the roots of a tree.”

“I may have found 113 year old cocaine, guys.”

“A newspaper about the evacuation of Dunkirk I found in my grandmother’s attic.”

“I found ‘Sexual Positions’ on VHS, copyright 1985, hidden in basement rafters while repairing plumbing.”

“Cleaning out my mom’s fridge I found McDonalds ketchup packets from 1986.”

“A 4 leaf clover in a book from 1877.”

“Pulled out of our roof – a lump of wood scrawled with complaints from the builders: ‘American and Spanish War is now on. Everything is getting dear. April 1898’.”

“At Grandma’s and she offers my cousin a Rolaid. They’re a little out of date.”

“Just found my autograph book from 1995.”

“Lynyrd Skynyrd ticket I found while cleaning out the interior of a ’69 Camaro me and my dad are fixing up.”

“My uncle forgot to return this, we found it yesterday in the shed.”

“I found a Luger while digging out my basement.”

“While running new irrigation, I seem to have found my father’s screwdriver he had lost 30ish years ago.”

“I work in the underground world and dug up this really old Lysol bottle.”

“This McDonald’s cup found in a wall during a kitchen renovation.”

“CT Scan of 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture reveals mummified monk hidden inside.”

“My great grandfathers issue of the Stars and Stripes that we found details the German surrender at the end of WWII. Dated May 4th, 1945.”

“A 132-year-old Winchester rifle discovered propped against a tree.”

“Found while renovating a house built in the 70s.”

“Leafs ad from the Toronto Daily Star Oct 26 1946, found while renovating.”

“Found in my mother-in-law’s spices. My in-laws have moved 4 times since this expired the spring before my wife was born. She’s packed it and unpacked it each time without noticing.”

“Lost ancient sacred text is discovered in the sea.”


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Second 11 month s ago
Found a 19th century French Napoleon Infantry Sabre at a scrap yard in Thunder Bay Ontario, bought it for $10.



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