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Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (53 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       9 Jul 2019       4437       1

This clock has words rather than numbers.

The shadow of this playground equipment looks like a TIE Fighter.

Someone knitted a stem and leaves on this stop sign.

Taking exit 420 leads to highway 69.

Perfectly round rock.

Izismile Video Collection

“The clip for my cars sun visor broke off revealing a tiny hidden audi logo”

This ‘tiger pelt’ is made out of cigarettes.

This cafe has Heinz mayonnaise and Hellman’s ketchup.

“I work in home remodeling. Previous owner of my clients house made an HVAC duct from soldering old anti-freeze containers together”

“Someone is filming a historical movie next to our Airbnb”


These shopping carts come equipped with calculators.

Twin cacti.

Batman logo on a grave stone.

Funky pineapple.

Elephant muffin.

This microwave says ‘good’ rather than ‘done’

Crazy giant leaf.

“A colleague got angry in a meeting and kicked the wall! Then HR turned into a piece of Art!”

This reflection of the sky on a building looks like the sky.

This building in Chicago looks like a puddle.

The rivets on this sign are really just painted over googly eyes.

Nature and city.

This cat has extra toes.

When you leave pop in the freezer…

“Saw an albino buck near my daughter’s daycare!”


“This handcream with dotted rubber edges on its lid so that you can open and close easily with creamy hands.”

The size difference in these Allen Keys.

Robert Irwin feeding the same croc, in the same place as his father, Steve Irwin, 15 years later.

Los Angeles ice cream truck owner is tired of social media influencers trying to get free ice cream for @ mentions. Makes it official with a sign: “It’s literally a 4 dollar item. Well now it’s 8 for you.”

The fastest 100m times ever. Names crossed over were using doping.

Concession prices at the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium is reasonable.

EA has the gall to charge $100 for a virtual player in a mobile game.

24-year-old Biochemist wins the Miss Virginia pageant by performing a science experiment onstage as her talent.

1965 Rorer physician sample. Originally they came with 6 tablets. The name originated from a mix of the words “quiet and interlude“. 


Recently expired US patent, up for grabs.

Tesla’s ‘Dog Mode’ protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety.

Obama sitting for the very first ever 3D presidential portrait.

First photo of lightening taken in 1882.

"My orange toolbox looks like a real life pickup item under my room's blue light."

This 'ghost ship' was formed from light and water during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Fire place made from a naval mine.

A Dolos Sea Defence Structure.

Italian police force in Rome has been equipped with Lamborghini’s for 10 years now. Used for highway patrol but also for first aid and emergency medical transport. These two Huracán Polizia was delivered in 2017.

A football pitch 30m below the ground in Salt Mine , Romania.

This salt flat in Bolivia is the worlds largest "mirror".

100 Year Old WWI Trench In France.

Perfect shot of a swimmer just before the water’s surface tension is broken.

Medically accurate inner workings of a cell.

Border between Western Canada and the US.

Diving in between two continents. Silfra Fissure - Iceland.

This is what over $1B worth of gold looks like.


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Sister 10 month s ago
@24 I left pop in the freezer took mortician 3 days to thaw him out in order to embalm him rofl



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