Don’t Follow This Advice! (18 gifs)

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I was told multiple times by her family that having a child would help fix our marriage. “You’ll both be focused on the kid , it’ll help you bond.” When I explained that I didn’t want to bring a child into an unstable environment based on a gamble, the prevailing thought was that I was being selfish. Unreal.


Don’t worry about the cost of the wedding you’ll make it back in the gifts.


“You only need to feed newborns once a day”

[email protected]#$ing. what.



“Don’t worry about how much you take out for a student loan, the interest is so low it will be easy to pay off”


Izismile Videos

friend told me to pull out student loans to buy cryptocurrency. I didn’t listen of course.

He did it himself though and got burned on epic proportions


If you have a bicycle, saw it in half and get two unicycles.

Advice from an honest hobo in San Francisco holding a sign that said “$1 for bad advice.”


“Break up with her, she’s not worth it. Nobody has the right to treat you that way.”

…Because my wife and I disagreed over who should do the laundry. Thanks, reddit!


“Your dog came from an abusive household and is shy around people? I suggest starving him for a few days until he is forced to eat from your hand.”



“You should just give him a chance!”

About my potentially violent stalker.



“You don’t have to pay medical bills. Just tell them you can’t pay them and ignore their calls.” My mom told me this before I knew what credit was. Now I can’t rent an apartment or get a decent loan for a car thanks mom!


“Take acid if you’re cramming for a test beforehand since it helps with studying”

Yeah, I just love losing my mind when I look down at equations and they’re suddenly moving heiroglyphics


From my dad “Go to the pub and start a fight” thinking it would somehow help my social life.


A two year degree in computers? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Nobody uses them because nobody can afford them. Focus on four years of English Lit! -advice from an unnamed source in 1990. However, my internet [email protected]#t posts are top notch.


To smoke marijuana when I was having a bad anxiety/panic attack. [email protected]#t made it 1000 times worse. It felt like time had stopped and I was dying



“Just get pregnant and marry him. He will have to stop cheating if you do” God am I glad I didnt listen to that.


Many years ago my mother told my two younger sisters who were 13 and 15 at the time to get pregnant asap to any boy their own age so they could get a benefit and child support for the next 18 years, her reasoning was that the boys parents would make extra hush payments to keep it quiet and her daughter’s would be able to be like her jobless and paid by the state to stay at home doing nothing….

It was actually good advice because both of my younger sisters are hard working highly educated woman now in their 30s with decent partner’s who are only now looking at having children, that advice finally broke the hold she had over them and showed them what they didn’t want to be as an adult.


Don’t do….(x)…because you are a girl. As in, Don’t whistle. It isn’t ladylike. Don’t chew gum or smoke. Both are unbecoming for a girl. Don’t talk on dates….listen….that is what boys find attractive.

Didn’t say, don’t join the Army. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.



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Fishermen 1 year ago
12# is the f best advice ever 35



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