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Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (63 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Jul 2019       5211       2

The value of a single tree

A half-open sunflower

A sunken ship in Antarctica

This opal looks like a giant explosion or the birth of the universe.

An amazing chimera cat

Izismile Video Collection

Sunset over Europe

A monk feeding a tiger

Folded honeycomb

A space shuttle leaving the Earth’s atmosphere

An empty Boeing 787


A part of this tree trunk looks like an eye!

This spider patched up a hole in a leaf!

A pelican with a fish in its mouth

Tornado of birds

A water bridge over a road in Belgium

A polar bear is peering up from beneath the melting ice.

“The world beneath the world”

This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours before this photo was taken.

Lightning got a hole in one this past weekend in Kentucky.

This is an air flow study that is done with the help of colored smoke.

Ice suspended from trees after winter flooding

Sprouting strawberry seeds

It turns out that horses can grow mustaches.

Owls’ legs are, in fact, incredibly long.

Shark teeth (small) vs Megalodon teeth found in Virginia, USA

Some kangaroos can build impressively huge muscles.

A fluffy calf that rocks its gorgeous hair

This is not a pin cushion, this is a succulent plant called Euphorbia obesa

How the Mona Lisa is dusted when the visitors are gone

A purely white honeycomb that bees abandoned right after building it

An alien-like baby armadillo

When kittens have their adult teeth growing in, they have double fangs for a while.

These are cucamelons. They look like watermelons, but taste like sour cucumbers.

This is a rare blue lobster. The chances of catching one are one in 2 million.

The different colored eyes of this cat show different color reflections from the camera’s flash.

These jelly-like substances are in fact sea animals called salps.

If you leave a glass of beer for a week, you’ll see an intricate pattern of yeast on its surface.

A skeleton of a giant stingray

“This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.”

Perfect coverage.

Matchy matchy.

“A rock I found on the beach has a tiny starfish fossil in it.”

“This Matchbox truck has dogs in the bed..”

“Took a pic of a frog’s journey on our glass door.”

"So I visited a mine with my family to look for different minerals and I was lucky enough to dig out this beautiful green amethyst"

“The shower in my hotel has a little cutout so you can turn it on before getting in.”

“This statue looks like complaining about being sh#t by pidgeons in the face.”

“My professor uses a wooden keyboard and mouse.”

“This local yogurt brand has the names of the cows whose milk is in the yogurt on the side of the jar.”

“This reusable salad dressing bottle shows you how much of each ingredient to put in to make different dressings.”

"Combining a cigarette, condom, and ring-pop all in one!"

“Comically large eggplant amongst smaller eggplants.”

“My cat’s shadow is actually my other cat.”

“Found these green army men doing yoga at a place we’re renting.”

"This leaf looks like it came straight out of a Tim Burton movie"

“This movie theater collects popcorn for local farms”

This filter that pixelates everything

“This dustpan has a comb for the broom.”

“This general store sign showing that there is actually a difference between jelly and jam”

This restaurant has a discount for being friendly.

“I found this very 90s pen in a drawer.”

“Was flying from Vancouver to Los Angeles on a cloudy day and looked down to see Mount St Helens poking through.”


Sister 10 month s ago
#61 the first item is misspelt, it should be "FOCACCIA", not "FOCCACIA"
Everyday 10 month s ago
#58 what is the proper use of it? I want to know because it could be interesting.



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