Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (54 pics)

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“I dropped my headphones in the sand and all the iron collected on the magnets.”

“Sand sculpture I was lucky to see on my morning walk”

“Over 10 years, my socks have buffed the right pedal on my piano.”

“The way these pillars look like people looking at each other.”

“My statue of Zeus broke and now he looks like he’s throwing someone a roll of toilet paper”

Izismile Video Collection

"The key to my AirBnB is 4-sided"

“After 3+ years of daily use, I replaced my shoes with an identical pair”

"Family of 12 Ducks Spotted in My Pool Today"

“This tiny ceiling tile at my house”

“My Uber driver offered a conversation “menu” for his ride”


“The ice in my coffee looks like a paw print.”

“My grandma has a radio that look like old computer”

“Packaging from new laptop is 100% recycled plastic, 25% of which was reclaimed from the oceans.”

“This stadium has sunblock dispensers everywhere.”

“Found this block of cheese in my Cheeto puffs today”

The Bob Ross bush

“My bathtub fills up with water from the ceiling.”

This chain is so old, the rust makes it look like wood.

Mini tent displays

This dentist office knows what’s up.

Who you gonna call?

“A tasty piece of Salmon from this Salmon ATM in Singapore.”

New dishwasher has a third rack for large cooking utensils

“My shirt’s cuff has thousands of mushrooms printed on it.”

“In India glass soda bottles are reused so you may get a 40 year old bottle with branding to match.”

Hand shadows guide

Woman worries as she meets her fiance abroad at the airport for first time after communicating through heavily filtered photos and videos of herself. (He of course shows up to meet her wearing a heavily filtered photo her on his T-shirt…)

Cyclist Tomasz Marczyński legs during the season

The Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World, according to Forbes

Chart shows just how hard it is to become a professional athlete

16-Year-Old Bugha Dominates ‘Fortnite’ World Cup Solos And Scores $3 Million Payday

The Economics of Disney buying Marvel 10 years ago

These grant gloves were used in a world title fight in 2016. The gloves were smeared with Acetate which is an acid fluid that burns the eyes and effects breathing. Imagine cheating like this just to win a fight.

"My fighter was the victim of this cheating and he complained that his eyes were burning all through the fight. When we brought him to the hospital after the fight he couldn’t see and was having trouble breathing"

This is what Sean Peyton’s play call sheet looks like

This sign outside of McDonald’s

"This is why you might wanna clean out your dryer before you donate it"

When To Eat a Banana

Manhattan 1910

Cleanest image taken of Saturn

3 dollars in Venezuelan currency

A valley of lights in Italy

Umbrella Wending machine in Japan

"This historic sign in my hotel explains how to use electricity in case you had never used it before"

1967 Volvo Estate
A gecko’s foot is definitely interesting
"Multiple large eruptions occurring simultaneously on the sun right now. This image was taken from my backyard about 15 minutes ago"
One of the famously stoic British guards faints while Queen Elizabeth II rides by, 1970.
A cats paw without ant fur on it
Charging stations for electric buses, which can run for 10km after just 40 *seconds* of charging. The battery can be fully charged in 8 minutes. Shanghai, China.
1961 Buick Flamingo with a rotating front seat.
This tank that puts out oil well fires.
A snails eye
This grass brick combo.
Glass Gem Corn, Real and Beautiful.


Forget 10 month s ago
The third rack in the dishwasher is for knives, forks and spoons, not large utensils.
Compilation 10 month s ago
charging stations. womder if they're cancer stations or mess with a pacemaker. Lol
Harmless 10 month s ago
#48 ant fur?? dash dash



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