Revenge Incoming! (15 gifs)

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So I live in the UK and we have self service check outs. The way these things work is you queue up and wait for a checkout to become free, you don’t approach until the person before you has paid, bagged and walked off. So today I went to my local store.


Now after a heavy night out my friend asked me to pick him some bits up whilst I was out, he gave me his card and off I went. I grabbed our items and went to the self service check out. I paid for his items and mine were still in the basket, bagged them and put the items on the floor.


A woman rushed over and shoved her stuff on top of mine, I explained I still needed to pay for them items and she huffed at me and asked why I just bagged other stuff and not mine. I was kind of shocked and said I don’t need to explain myself but the items are being paid for separately.


She huffed again took her items off mine and carried on standing there with her basket (bare in mind there is about 9 other self service check outs) she mumbled under her breath and continued to huff and this started to make me quite angry and anxious like I was being pressured.


So I decided to scan one item, pay for it, bag it, scan another item, pay for it. I did this about 3 times and she tutted called me an a##hole and walked to another checkout. I scanned all my items paid and left, giving her a smug look as I left.


Izismile Video Collection

Our neighbours across the street from us are very loud and very obnoxious. The guy and his wife have about 4 kids, and we’re pretty sure he’s a drug dealer as they’re always causing some sort of trouble which ends up with arguments or fighting in the middle of the road with people asking for money from him or saying he owes them things, one argument even led to his van being set on fire at 3am.


Recently we’ve been having roadworks for electrical issues along our road, and they had just finished the side of the street where we lived.

As the workmen were coming to pack away their barriers and gear, one of obnoxious neighbours friends showed up in their big white van (both him and all his friends seem to have big white vans, and always park on the wrong side of the road for hours at a time next to each other to talk, blocking either half, or all the road off).


As the barriers were all along one side of the road, traffic was only able to get down the opposite side, so he had essentially blocked off the only access down this road, which the workmen needed to move their trucks. They stayed sat there for a good half hour, not moving for the workmen even though they were asked to, but finally moved along a while later.


The day after, work was due to start on the opposite side of the road, their side… the workmen put up barriers all down that side of the street, and divided off his house from the road, as well as putting a barrier right in front of his gate so there was no way for him to get in or out of the house.


They all seemed pretty pleased with themselves and obnoxious neighbour was super annoyed, and ended up having to park his van a street away from his house.

Not a super exciting story but it was fun for me to watch the events from my window.



I just dropped my daughter off at camp and was heading to work, driving on a state highway with no traffic lights. Some a-hole was weaving in and out of traffic in his giant SUV. He tried passing on the right of a vehicle that was going too slow for him but got cut off. I went around on the left and passed him and the other cars.


I headed for the exit lane to go from one state highway to a different one, this one would eventually have stop lights. I got over and a few seconds later in my rear view his grill is mere feet from my car. He stayed on me all the way up the ramp to the new highway.


This ramp automatically puts you in the left lane and since my turn is on the right shortly after this ramp I moved to get into the right lane. Ol’ bumper rider didn’t like that because he though he would be able to pass on the right as soon as we got up there and he laid on his horn at me for getting over and in his way.


Up ahead I noticed the light was green and had a feeling it might change as we approached it. The left lane still had cars in it and he couldn’t go around them and I eased up off the gas just enough to slow it down, but maintain my speed. Sure enough as I’m getting close to the light it turns yellow and I start to brake forcing this guy to have hit his brakes to stop at the light.


We both could have gone through it had I not started braking. At the last second I stopped breaking and hit the accelerator to go through the yellow. The light changed to red as I was going through the intersection. I look in my rear view mirror and he was sitting stopped at the light.

So satisfying.


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What is this cr*p?
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no really. who puts this cr*p on here?
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my suggestion to you 2 people is to go somewhere else if you don't like subjects being posted~!



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