It’s So Nice And Wholesome! (52 pics)

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“I was cleaning my 11 year olds room and found a jar that said “take one in the morning”

“Today i went on a hike with this nearly blind lama. she trusted me so much -it was so wunderful, she always wanted to feel me close to her ♡ “

“The two beauties were rescued from a slaughter house back in January of this year and there personalities have transformed to a steady state of jubilation! “

“The first pic is me 2 years ago. The second pic is me a couple days ago. I beat my addiction to drugs and alcohol and I’m now a full-time student and jeweler. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself. “

“My husband and one of our twin sons about 19 years ago. My husband passed away in 2014 when our sons were fifteen. We will treasure this picture. It just makes me smile.”

“Celebrated 19 months sober this week. Signed a lease for my own 2 bedroom place without a cosigner for the first ever. Decided to treat myself to a trip to Knoxville and picked up a new roommate while I was there. Everybody say hello to Jack! “

“Today I had 3 random elderly people tell me how much my horse has changed their life and how he is all they talk about!! They also go out of their way to buy him hay or treats because they love him.“

“I said goodbye to my scars a few months back. I finally feel comfortable in my skin again ❤️ To anyone struggling, it really does get better.”

“Eight years ago I entered a “Big Brother” type situation with an awkward 8 year old kid. We’ve been hanging out once a week ever since. Today he towers over me, can drive, kills it in school, and is someone I’m pround to call a friend. He came to visit me in my garden and we got a rare pic together.”

“Proposed to my HS sweetheart of 6 years today while in New Orleans for my 21st birthday. It’s been a good @ss weekend “

“After being hospitalized for the 5th time this year, I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally on the right meds and have a diagnosis that makes sense. Took this in the parking lot yesterday after being released. It gets better.”

“Yesterday was my moms last round of chemo!”

“In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles/cans. They're often collected by poor people, homeless etc. A lot of our trash cans has these holders around them so people don't have to search through the trash to collect them.”

“The Fire Department was responding to a medical emergency in my apartment complex. When they got done as they headed out they took time to stop and help my elderly father and I move our heaviest items into our moving truck. It was 103 degrees, and they were very kind.”

Protestor hold umbrella over journalist.

“This man was sketching people on the subway and telling them that they are beautiful.”

“Tired fireman is trying to put the flames out in the Amazon.”

“So I am part of a traffic jam in Germany rn and just wanted to remind everyone that you should always build a emergency corridor at any time.”

“9 year old girl builds shelters on wheels for the homeless and grows food for them as well. Great little bro.”

“There has been a steady decline in monarch butterflies in our area so my gf has started her own caterpillar/milkweed farm to help restore population!”

“My daughter donating her 12” of hair she’s grown for Wigs For Kids.”

“City roads crew saw this little boy sitting outside with his grandmother wearing his reflective vest, and watching them work. They asked him if he wanted to help.”

“Jessie is part of a program at a children’s hospital that teaches patients they shouldn't be afraid of procedures by showing them how it's done. To get through an echocardiogram you just lie on your back and hold your mom’s hand.”


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