First World Is Such An Awful Place, With All These Problems (9 pics + 9 gifs)

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My house is big enough that I can lose WiFi connection in the kitchen.


The water bottles in the snack kiosk at work were just stocked this morning so they weren’t refrigerated long enough to be nice and cold yet.


Not enough unpaved rough roads for me to really use the 4X4 features of my Landcruiser.


Water meters are being installed in my building for the next two-three weeks. each day our water gets cut for 6 hours. The tenants are upset and have to flush the toilet, wash their hands etc. with water from canisters.

So, my legitimate first world problem is that I have to endure third-world conditions for a few hours each day until my endless supply of clean water gets fixed.


Having trouble fitting a large pizza box in my fridge.


Izismile Video Collection

My drive to work is too short so I never get to listen to as much music as I want. But when I’m at home I do other things. And then 9.99 seems like too much for the amount I listen.


I have a dark blue luxury sedan in my driveway. Whenever I clean it, dragonflies think it’s a body of water and come poop on it. It’s covered in little yellow mustard spots all summer long :(


There’s nothing to do at work, but I have to look busy.


I’m hungry. There’s food in the house but I don’t want it. I have money to buy what I want but I don’t want to go and get it because I’m lazy.

Update to anyone who cares: I took a nap and waited until my husband came home with food.


One time I forgot my airpods at work and I had to use regular headphones but I forgot my headphones adapter for my iPhone so I couldn’t listen to music that day.



Looking for a good-sized plot of land to buy in the county but trying to weigh my options on whether or not I can still get high-speed internet.


The heating in my car works too well. If I want just a bit of warmth cause it’s chilly and I turn on the heating to the lowest possible setting I’ll be sweating more than a nun at an orgy in 2 minutes.


I lost like 40 lbs. and now none of my clothes fit me.


My house is so big that it’s annoying to keep it clean.


Watching 1080p content on a 4k television like the cavemen used to do.


My 2016 Prius doesn’t have auto-headlights. I have to turn them on every time I drive at night.


When I moved into my first house (renting) after college, it was a massive increase in the amount of space I had, especially because it was just me living there. I’ve always been big into decorating, my college dorm always had plants, framed pictures and posters, etc. I refused to be one of those “only a couch and a TV” kind of guys.

When I first moved into my house I literally thought “man, this place is so big, I don’t have enough stuff to fill it with to make it aesthetic”.


Good house, good wife, good family, good friends, good money, but always self-deprecating sad because my job isn’t “fulfilling” or “meaningful”.


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Place 8 month s ago
I'm from the age of sitting around listen to the radio and TV was only in black and white and there were only 3 channels.



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