How Things Should Be Used… (13 pics + 1 gif)

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What’s up with the French fry container?

French fry containers have a fold at the top for a reason and it’s not used to close it. You can fold this piece and pour the dip on there. Some fast food restaurants serve their fries this way — the sauce will be on the top and you can walk and eat.


How do you sleep better on a plane?

Usually, the plane seats have a small pillow and a tissue attached to them. But some airlines think that the "ears" are necessary for sleeping in comfort. You can adjust them the way you want. First and business class sections have this feature too.


What is the wrong way to use chopsticks?

Not long ago, there were several popular videos on the internet where the upper part of the chopsticks were broken in order to use them as a coaster. This turned out to be a fake. You can’t do this with regular chopsticks. Actually, the connection at the top of the chopsticks is just supposed to be a sign that nobody has used them before you. And the chopstick rest is called hashioki.


Why does a bottle have a long neck?

This life hack is very good to use during the summer: you should hold bottles by the neck. This shape is there for a reason: cold drinks won’t warm up because your palm is hot. Despite this being an actual life hack, it’s not very comfortable to hold bottles like this.


How do you use a garlic press correctly?

A garlic press is an extremely convenient thing, but usually we don’t use its full potential. In order to press garlic, you don’t need to peel it in advance. Just put the whole piece inside and press it.


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Why do we use plungers in the wrong way?

Almost everyone has this rubber thing at home — who knows when you might need it. Usually, people keep them in toilets or bathrooms. But it turns out that different plungers can be used for different things. The one we know is only good for clearing out bathrooms and sinks. But if you want to unclog a toilet, you need a different one like in the picture on the right, above.


Why do toothbrushes have colored bristles?

Toothbrush manufacturers are doing everything they can in order to make us buy their products. It is really hard to buy a “plain” toothbrush nowadays. Many models have bristles of different colors and after a few months, they lose their color — which is a sign that it is time to change your toothbrush.


How do you wash a blender quickly?

The inconvenient reservoir in the blender that is often impossible to remove and put in a dishwasher causes a lot of trouble for those who cook and have to do the dishes. But there is a simple solution: pour some water in the blender, put a few drops of dish detergent in there, and turn on the device. All you will have to do is quickly rinse the bowl with water.


How do you use the clock icon on the iPhone?

Usually, the icons on smartphones are motionless pictures. But not the one with the clock on the iPhone: it is a small clock that shows the real time. You probably never even noticed that.


How do you put on face cream correctly?

The normal way is to use your fingers. But in this case, you will be putting bacteria in the cream. The right way is to use a Q-tip in order to get the cream out.



How do you cut steak the right way?

It is not enough to just cook a steak correctly. It is important to be able to eat it correctly as well. We should cut steaks in the opposite direction from the tissue: this way, the softness of the meat will be preserved.


How do dermatologists recommend putting on antiperspirants?

As strange as this sounds, experts recommend applying antiperspirants after your evening shower. This way, the ingredients will be at their maximum effectiveness and your pores will close.


How do you charge a phone and not damage it?

Experts claim that it is best to charge the phone when it has about 10% of its battery life left and stop the charging process right when the battery is full. This will extend the battery life. Also, remove the case to prevent the phone from overheating.


Bonus: Elevator

This is a life hack that you should use only use when you are in a rush. Just press the button of your floor and the button with the closing doors. Then, the elevator will take you right to the floor you need, ignoring the other passengers.


Martial 1 year ago
If you put any weight on the airplane seat’s ears, they move, defeating their purpose.

The airplane seat’s ears don’t work as intended.
Gorgeous 1 year ago
The person who writes these are stupid, not all of these are correct.
Beer Bottles designed to be held in one hand, and drunk out of directly, have their shape constrained by human anatomy. The lower part of the bottle needs to have a diameter that can be grasped securely. The bottle mouth needs to fit into the human mouth, and have a shape that won't produce leakage when you drink from it.
When was the last time anyone got a French fry container from McDonald's like that?
They stopped using those in the late 90's.
Tymusz 1 year ago
@Gorgeous : Calling people stupid in the sentence 'the person are' turns it right around, no?
Limited 1 year ago
BONUS ONE. works in some, but not in all.



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