Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (52 pics)

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“These chocolate tools are definitely realistic.”

“This Victorian era bottle of horse cure all we just dug up from a customers garden.”

“Found a tree growing through a stone wall.”

“The knife in this steak restaurant is a miniature meat cleaver.”

A nice poem on a park bench.

Izismile Video Collection

“Therapy dog at my school has socks so his nails don’t make noise on the floor.”

“I now own two packs of double crisps”

“This airtight jar to keep your cannabis in at a Canadian motel.”

“This teal cicada I saw.”

“This pink grasshopper found on Kelleys Island, Ohio.”


“Someone in my office noticed a leak in the ceiling and instead of fixing it, they mounted a small shelf on the wall, put a plant on it and then used the leak to water it.”

“The apple I ate today was oddly perfect.”

“My hairy leg after and before shaving!”

“These clown-shaped power line towers alongside the M5 highway.”

“Someone bought ad space on this billboard to put a Van Goh painting up.”

“Wasp nest inside of the 30cal of a A10 Warthog.”

“The paint peeling on this building kind of looks like the head of a lion.”

“An ice cream cup made of banana leaves.”

“This partially changed leaf I found outside of work this morning.”

“A whale made ouf of plastic trash in Utrecht, The Netherlands.”

“This tablecloth looks like a giant beer bottle cap.”

“Saw a mother and her two kittens today on the way home…”

“My cat always sleeps on the one odd colored tile in the house.”

“In Denmark, some of our light signals are small Vikings.”

The tree that doesn’t give up.

A 32-year-old living in Abu Dhabi, and who just last year posted an image of his repayment schedule for the nearly $400,000 loan he took out to invest in crypto. His schedule, which began in January 2018, will see him pay a little over $8,000 a month toward his loan until the end of 2021. “Still 3 and half years to go until I’m freed,” he wrote in 2018. “Until then, I’m working for nothing and I’m at 85 percent loss. I hope it gives you a lesson.” 

The 3rd generation BMW X6 is the only car painted entirely in Vantablack.

Surveillance in China.

This is a list showing what every performer at Woodstock got paid in 1969.

Congrats to Artie Lange for being 7 months sober.

Service dogs training to sit through a movie at a theater.

This advertisement from a dental office.

The impact of smartphones on the camera industry.

Sunset as seen from Mars.

It’s called Fashion, look it up.

Two hikers found a message in a lime green nalgene bottle downstream from a waterfall on the Arroyo Seco River and helped rescue a family stranded after they spent 3 days floating down the river only to be trapped by raging currents, with no way to climb out of the gorge (article)

Chair for Morbidly obese man.

A young David Attenborough introducing his daughter to a noisy cockatoo, 1959.

Central park from above.

A Monument for Welders by Welders, Wow.

When two of the nicest countries go to war.

This Soundwave cosplay is incredible.

Incredibly beautiful blue Chameleon.

Sunset view from space.

This beautiful opal.

This baby hummingbird drinking the juice of a raspberry.

If you put all the Mexican coins together they turn into the Aztec calendar.

This is the Attacus Atlas, the biggest butterfly on Earth.

All the bombs that can be carried on B-52 Stratofortress.

Octopus created from one single sheet of paper.


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Jelyyfish 8 month s ago
#50 That's not a butterfly... That's a Moth



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