Celebrities Who Appeared On “Baywatch” At One Point (20 pics)

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Michelle Williams

Well before she was nominated for four Academy Awards (and appearing in Species as Young Sil), Michelle Williams appeared in two separate episodes playing different characters in each episode.

Mariska Hargitay

The Law & Order: SVU star appeared in the third episode of the very first season back in 1989.

Sofia Vergara

Before Sofia Vergara became a household name with Modern Family, she was a popular Univision host in the late 90s. So, naturally, she appeared as herself in an episode in 1999.

Naya Rivera

The Glee actress was only 12 years old when she appeared on the show in 1996.

Mila Kunis

Kunis’ 1994 appearance on the show was also her TV show debut, playing a student named Annie. A year later, she returned to the show playing a new character named Bonnie, a blind girl who gets lost with her friends in the woods.

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Beverly Mitchell

The 7th Heaven star appeared in the same episode that Kunis’ played Bonnie. Mitchell played one of the friends also lost in the woods.

Carrie-Anne Moss

She actually played two characters in a single episode in the fourth season. She played a pair of twins (and naturally, one twin was good, and one twin turned out to be evil).

Angie Harmon

The future star of Rizzoli & Isles made a guest appearance in season six as the character Ryan McBride, but actually got a lot more out of the Baywatch brand after that. She was one of the leads on the Baywatch spin-off Baywatch Nights, which lasted for two seasons.

Shiri Appleby

Appearing in a 1995 episode, she showed up as a girlfriend to the character Hobie.


Yes, the singer Shaggy appeared on Baywatch, but this was before he had his hit “It Wasn’t Me.” So unlike many one-off celebrities that really aren’t actors, Shaggy just shows up to sing on the beach for a bit in season seven.


Jenny Lewis

You might not immediately recognize Jenny Lewis’ name, but she’s a solo musician who was once part of the group Rilo Kiley. She was once a child actress and appeared in the very first season in 1989.

Bryan Cranston

Another “veteran” of Baywatch’s first season, he played a character named Tom Logan that was the captain of a party boat (which might be the true polar opposite of Walter White’s entire being).

Charisma Carpenter

The Buffy the Vampire star made not only her TV debut on the fifth season of Baywatch but her debut in general. She had never acted in any short films or feature-length films either when she played a character named Wendie Sanders.

John O’Hurley

The eventual Seinfeld star appeared on Baywatch in 1994 as a character named Bill Cooper. No idea if the character was inspired by the conspiracy theorist of the same name.

David Spade

He played a surfer, and yes, this was before his run on Saturday Night Live and Just Shoot Me.

Jenny McCarthy

Another actress with two credits on the show. The first was in season six as the character April. The second was in season seven as herself.

Barry Watson

The 7th Heaven star played a cowboy that drowned on season six.

Jason Momoa

Honestly, it makes perfect sense that Momoa appeared on Baywatch, playing a character named Jason Ioane. The character appeared on the show and in the 2003 movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

Elizabeth Berkley

Before Saved by the Bell, Berkley played the same character for two episodes of season three, a student named Courtney Bremmer.

Danny Trejo

Okay, look, I could talk about how Trejo appeared in two different episodes in 1991 and 1992, but this quote from an interview with The A.V Club in 2010 is way too good to pass up:

“I couldn’t believe that show. I’d be sitting in Venice, looking at all these girls running around and thinking, ‘They’re paying me for this. Thank you, Jesus.’”


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