These Delivery Drivers Need To Step Up Their Game (50 pics)

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Looks Like I Won't Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

USPS Bent My Diploma. I Have No Words

My First 4k TV Finally Arrived!

This Amazon Delivery Man Who Delivers A Package And Then Steals It Himself

UPS Delivery Driver Caught Peeing In Elevator En Route To Deliveries In My Old Building

The building I lived in had a strict hoa and i had just gotten a puppy. I was always so nervous the smell of urine in the elevator was from her peeing without me noticing. this was a relief to see.


Izismile Video Collection

Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy Caught Eating Topings

Over The Past Six Months, Canada Post Has Lost Three Packages For Me, All Of Which It Claims To Have Delivered. I Think I Discovered The Reason Why Today

Hopefully No One Will Notice The Delivery...

I’m A Carrier For USPS. I Ordered My Uniforms For The Year A Few Days Ago And This Is How They Arrived. So Is This Why We Have A Bad Rep?

My Mailman Was The First To Congratulate Me


This Was Just Delivered. My Door Opens Out

Sipping The Drink Before Delivery

The "Obstruction Of My Front Door" That Prevented UPS From Delivering My Package...

UPS Marked My Package As ‘Delivered’ After Dumping It In The Middle Of My Driveway. I Found It When Leaving For Work This Morning

Special Delivery

P.S. We Also Poured Sugar In Your Gas Tank And Ran Over Your Cat. We Hope You Understand. Love, The USPS

I Got Swatted And Ordered A New Door, What The F**k

Delivery Guy Throws Package Up The Balcony

Licking Clean Spoonfuls Of Food Meant For Clients And Putting It Back In The Delivery Bag

Got A Delivery At Work And Saw This In The Van, Thats Going To Suck For Someone Else!

The Way Both FedEx And UPS Deliver My Packages (Caught By Security Cam)

Took Me 5 Years To Get This Diploma And USPS Drops It In A Puddle

I Was Told That It Would Require A Signature, Apparently Not

Thanks, FedEx. Now I Have A Sphinx

Might As Well Just Stick A Sign On It That Says Steal Me...

UPS Driver Helper Opens Christmas Package And Steals Contents On Delivery

The Way Amazon Delivered My Single Nose Ring

After Amazon Has Delivered 3 Of My Dad’s Packages To Neighbors Who Refuse To Give Them Back, He Has Left The Delivery Man A Little Help

Special Delivery

My Book Was Delivered Today...

Most Recent FedEx Delivery. A Solid Half Mile From Our House. Thanks To A Neighbor Who Saw It Happen And Called Us Several Hours Later So We Could Recover

Delivery Guys Left A TV In Plain View Without Even Ringing The Doorbell

Amazon Delivery Gives Zero $&:!? About Package Or His Van

The Way My Package Was Delivered

The Delivery Guy Stacked Our Pizzas On The Side

This Is How Our Mail Person Chose To Deliver Our Packages Today

Thanks USPS It's Not Like I Spent 6 Years And Have Over 100k In Student Loans For My B.S. And M.S. Or Anything

The Other Day I Found This Guy Peeing Outside A Supermarket With Toilets And Most Importantly, Where To Wash His Hands. After This He Just Got On His Bike And Got On With His Delivery

How The Mailman Delivered The Vinyl I Ordered

Package Of IKEA Shelves Delivered By FedEx Like This. Wife Even Watched The Guy Throw It Up Onto The Porch And Ripped It. Just Waved To Her And Left. 6 Shelf Pieces, Every Single One Damaged

How My Apple Cider Arrived Today...

Only My Boyfriends Certification He Worked Months On. Thats All. F*** You USPS

Postmates, Thank You For Sending A Lady To Deliver My Food Out Of A Dirty Baby Stroller

When I refused to take the food because she delivers it out of a dirty bag pushing a baby stroller with two kids she said "I don't give a f***". And after this all customer service refused to give me my money back


It Was Raining When It Was Delivered But Still Couldn’t Put It In The Dry Spot

Delivery Guy Was Smirking. Wife Was Upset. I Was Confused Until I Saw The Package. Just To Be Clear, It's Neither

This Package Was Delivered To My House

Thank You United States Postal Service For Kindly Folding My Art Prints In Half So That They Fit In My Mailbox

Thanks USPS

How My Boxes Got Delivered Today.

UPS Delivered My TV So You Can't Open The Door Far Enough To Get Out Without Knocking Down The TV


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Valid 8 month s ago
As a postal delivery carrier for USPS, it's the part-timers who're pulling this disservice. Please take a picture, and go to your local post office to report this. That doesn't mean bending it yourself to get something free. But, legitimate negligence by our fellow carriers is something we can't stand. We work hard every day. Rain, shine, ice, snow, traffic, and violent neighborhoods. We do our best to deliver your mail. Remember, we too have a postal carrier caring for our mail. Report, be honest, and we'll make things right.



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