Celebs Who Also Have Side Jobs (23 pics)

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Madonna is also a children’s book author.

Madonna might be the ultimate pop star, however, she is also a great author of children’s books. Over the years she has written not one but several books for little ones. Her stories focus on girl power and send loving messages to girls on how to accept themselves, discover what their true calling is, and go for it. You can easily get them from Amazon anywhere in the world, how cool is that!


Matthew McConaughey is a university professor.

The students at the University of Texas now have the chance to be mentored by the famous actor, Matthew McConaughey. Starting in the Fall 2019 semester, McConaughey will teach a “Script to Screen Class” at Moody College in the Department of Radio-Television-Film. “It’s the class I wish I would have had when I was in film school,” the actor said.


Justin Timberlake is the new owner of Myspace.

Justin Timberlake is a great musician, but he has his very own social network too. A few years back he invested in turning the old Myspace platform into a new one that is specially focused on musicians and artists. They even launched Myspace TV in cooperation with Panasonic. The singer truly believes in his dream to reform the platform purchasing the company for around $35 million.


Tom Selleck has an avocado farm.

It’s true that the icon of the 80s, Tom Selleck, has fallen for avocados. The famous actor owns a 20-acre avocado ranch owned in Westlake Village, California. When asked in an interview about life at his ranch, he said, “If I dig a hole and plant a tree and kind of watch it grow, that’s a terrific counterpoint.”


Sandra Bullock owns a bakery-deli in Austin.

There is nothing not to love about this amazing actress. She is sweet, talented, and also has her own bakery-deli in Austin, Texas, called “Walton’s Fancy and Staple.” Bullock co-owns the place and it gives us another great reason to go to Texas.


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Akon has a South African diamond mine.

Akon is known for his rap music, but what is not so well-known is that he also owns a diamond mine in South Africa. Not many people can brag about owning a diamond mine, though for Akon it’s no big deal, as he said in an interview, “So what if I own a diamond mine?”


Steven Seagal has “quietly” been working a regular job as a cop.

The famous actor is actually a part-time policeman; he’s been a Reserve Deputy Chief in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office for more than a decade. He used to teach martial arts there when he was offered a position. Seagal gladly accepted and he even has a certificate from Peace Officer Standards & Los Angeles Police training.


Lady Gaga co-wrote a cookbook.

Lady Gaga teams up with her father to create a cookbook full of delicious Italian recipes. The book is called Joanne Trattoria Cookbook. Joe Germanotta, Gaga’s beloved father, is also the owner of Joanne Trattoria restaurant in New York City. Inside the book, the singer writes about her family food tradition and more. We’d definitely love to make their family dinner our own.


Jay Z owns a sports agency.

Roc Nation Sports is a sports agency based in Los Angeles, California owned by Jay-Z, and it focuses on basketball, baseball, American football, and other sports, but has also expanded into the entrainment industry. Many people questioned his ability to be both a musician and a manager, but as he said “...they have that thing, that belief that you can only do one thing. We don’t have that. You know, I can walk and chew gum.”


And Beyoncé owns a vegan delivery service.

Queen B is known for her vegan nutrition. The famous singer partnered with Marco Borges, an exercise physiologist, to launch a vegan home delivery service. The company is called 22 Days Nutrition has meals based solely on plants.



James Franco is also a writer and college professor.

Besides being a popular actor, James Franco is also an author of many books. He has even written many poems. When he was asked about the difference between fans of his acting and fans of his poetry, he replied, “I know that my life as an actor obviously casts a shadow over what I’m doing with the poetry, but it allows me to get readers that maybe normally wouldn’t read a book of poetry.”


Rita Wilson is an editor at Huffington Post.

Rita Wilson is popular for her acting in American movies and TV series, singing, and of course her successful marriage with Tom Hanks. However, what’s not so familiar is that she is also an editor at Huffington Post magazine. The section of her contribution is called Huff/Post50 where issues and subjects corresponding to people over 50 are discussed. In the past, she has written in Harper’s Bazaar and Oprah magazines.


Carmen Electra teaches pole-dancing.

The successful model, Carmen Electra, who has taken some roles in movies and TV series, and worked as a dancer with the Pussycat Dolls also has quite a hidden talent. She has even launched her personal professional pole dancing kit with a pole and gear.


Shaquille O’Neal is also a musician and DJ.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most famous former basketball players. After retiring he created a TV show based on the sport, but he’s also a rap musician, electronic music producer, and DJ under the nickname DIESEL. He has released 4 albums and his fans can’t get enough of him.


Rupert Grint is the landlord of several properties.

Rupert Grint, or the more commonly known Ron Weasley from his role in Harry Potter, looks like he invested his earnings in the series wisely. Grint invested in properties in the UK that are now worth millions. The name he chose for his company is Eevil Plan Properties, and that is so Ron Weasley!



Marilyn Manson is also a painter.

The eccentric rock star, Marilyn Manson, aside from music, also loves art and he is a part-time painter. He even had an art show displaying his works in Vienna. During an interview he said that he is pretty disappointed about how artists are treated and it is very similar to what happens to musicians, and that for him, art is something pure.


Nick Offerman is a woodworker and has a woodshop.

Actor Nick Offerman plays everyone’s favorite Ron Swanson in the series Parks and Recreation, a man who talks very little, loves his moustache and steak, and is a wood-crafter. Well, in fact, he is as talented with wood himself. He even has a woodshop.


Clint Eastwood has a hotel and a golf club.

There is no doubt that Clint Eastwood is one of America’s greatest actors. He is also a director and producer in several movies. What is not known though, is that he is also the owner of a hotel and a golf club in California called Tehàma Golf Club. Eastwood used to have a pub in the 90s but he sold it to invest in his never-ending love, golf.


Ashton Kutcher is an Airbnb, Skype, and Spotify investor.

Ashton Kutcher is not just a good actor, he is also a great businessman who managed to multiply his millions via good investments. His major gains came from his stake in Skype and Airbnb long before the companies become the Colossuses that they are today. He even dropped some money on Spotify and we all know how awesome that project is going.


Kevin Costner owns a company that cleans the ocean.

Kevin Costner is one of those celebrities who decided to invest their fortune to help the environment. The actor owns a company named Ocean Therapy Solutions that has a special goal of cleaning the ocean from oil spills. The company already existed under the US government but Costner bought it and found a new way to separate oil from water. Thank you, Kevin Costner!



Prince William is also a volunteer rescuer for people in disasters.

Even though he’s a king-to-be, Prince William flies an East Anglian Air Ambulance regularly to rescue people in need. As a pilot of a trauma team that is called in Britain’s worst emergency situations, the Duke of Cambridge devotes 20 hours per week to help in that good cause. As he stated in an interview “When I put my air ambulance hat on, and I come here and I fly, I’m one of the team.”


Bonus: Seeing the 2 sides of Matthew McConaughey makes you either wanna move to Texas for a drop-in class...
...or hang out at the pool like a Hollywood star with him.

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Something 2 year s ago
Matthew McConaughey is a sh*te actor
Journalist 2 year s ago
#6: No wonder he's nonchalant. Blood diamonds? Nothing to see here!
Time 2 year s ago
co wrote a cook book. hahaha. what the hell kinda pathetic job is that?
Mission 2 year s ago
Seagal has been a Reserve Deputy Chief in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Office. In the late 1980s, after teaching the deputies martial arts, unarmed combat, and marksmanship, then-sheriff Harry Lee (1932–2007) was so impressed that he asked Seagal to join the force. Seagal allegedly graduated from a police academy in Los Angeles over twenty years ago and has a certificate from Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST), an organization that accredits California police officers. However, POST officials in California and Louisiana have no record of Seagal being certified, and Seagal's rank in Louisiana is therefore ceremonial. Meaning he's not a real police officer. It's like a honorary doctorate.
ChrisR 2 year s ago
Owning bakeries, mines, farms, myspace etc. hardly counts as having a side job. They are investments, and I bet they have people doing all the work for them. It's like putting money in the bank and claiming earning interest is a job.
Wonderful 2 year s ago
Yes... I am a superstar roofer but collect empty cans on the side...



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