We Just Didn’t Know We Needed These Inventions (39 pics)

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Gummy Human Centipedes™️

Happy Halloween, It’s the spookiest month of the year! To get ready for the big day, we created the most delicate gummies to give out to Trick-or-Treaters this year!

Chomp on this miniature Human Centipedes (which happens to be our favorite movie) and feel the sugary rush! Full bags for everyone!


Trim your nails in one single CRUNCH! If you have been wasting hours on hours clipping each individual nail, you have been living in the past

Izismile Video Collection

Welcome to the future with our all in one nail cutting solution. Slide in each nail and with one squeeze down to cut them down to size. *disclaimer* We provide no guarantees they will all be down to the same size

Marathon Utility Controller™️

It’s about to be an all weekend gaming marathon and I’m not leaving the couch!

Our new 9-in-1 ultimate utility game controller has everything you need for extended gaming including a smartphone lock-box, a deodorant stick, a handy extra finger, an electric fan, a chin rest, cup holder, removable toothbrush, beef jerky dispenser, and a rear view mirror

Bang Brows™️


The hottest beauty trend of the season has arrived! It’s time for your eyebrows to take center stage and steal the show

These eyebrow extensions give your eyes the bangs they have always been hoping for. Simply add these brow attachment to spice up any look from casual to elegant


That last chip is always the absolute worst! Our newest creation destroys those worries with our patented high-suction device featuring an ergonomically designed tip to perfectly cradle each potato chip

The 4x long turbine shaft reached to the absolute depths of your potato chip tube. The included can holster enables you to always be at the ready


It’s dinner time right from the tips of your fingers. Stop fumbling around with over-sized utensils to enjoy your favorite meal and slide these on!

Each finger of these knit gloves feature a specific piece from your cutlery set from a fork, knife, spoon, spatula, and skewer

Gator Grips™️

Your dad’s favorite shoes are now available for your hands

The Thick foam material you love and of course a safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style

The Stink-A-Way™️

Some foods just smell horrible! From hard-boiled eggs to sardines, sometimes you need to redirect your nose from smelling what’s going into your mouth

Comfortably slide fantastic device into your nostrils for a fresh breath of air, up and away from that stinky food!

iWipe Pro Max™️

With the brand new triple-lens system of the iPhone 11 Pro, we wanted to ensure your lenses always are crystal clean for every phone

Strap on this revolutionary accessory to your iPhone and let it wipe away all of your grit & grime. Now smile for the camera!

Rake ‘n Prance™️

Cleaning your lawn this Autumn is now a walk in the park. Grab this strap-on rake for your favorite shoes and get to work

Quickly strut around and clean up all the fallen leaves while your jealous neighbors watch in awe

The moonwalk has never been more productive

LookBak Spectacles™️

You need to be careful these days – you never know who might be lurking behind you

Luckily we are proud to introduce our new triple prism sunglasses which allow you to always keep a close watch of what’s going on around your back

Never miss a thing when you hit the streets with these bad boys on. Tell those haters, deal with it!

SuperSolar Shirt™️

When the sun is out that now means a fully charged phone. Strut your stuff out and about with our newest solar panel shirt with dual USB charging ports

Lay in the hot sun all day to get your smartphone back to 100% with absolute ease

Renewable energy meets high fashion – don’t forget the sunscreen!


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Tymusz 10 month s ago
#13 did you actually know, that the right and proper way to get the last chip from a pringles can, is written on the bottom?



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