No One Believed Them, And Neither Will We (15 gifs)

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I used to sweat blue for a few months. My clothes, nails, and phone cover all got stained blue. It went away after a while on its own, which was good because the doctors couldn’t figure it out.

One day completely out of the blue my daughter (8) started telling me she wanted to look out the window to see shooting stars. I told her its very rare to see any shooting stars where we live (Yonkers, NY.)

She was really adamant that we should look and try to see one anyway, so I walk with her over to our living room window and look out with her. I swear not 10 seconds had passed before a meteor went streaking by, closer than any I had ever seen. You could see the trail it left in the sky and it glowed bright red.

She got so excited and ran to tell my wife that she saw one. My wife does not believe that me or my daughter saw a meteor that quickly, I swear on my life it happened.

When I was a teenager I almost got run over by Robert Pattinson in my hometown. It’s a smaller city between Bruges & Ghent. He was driving a Mercedes, probably on his way from Brussels to the hotel he was staying in on the coast. I’m 100 % sure it was him, he was in Brussels for a premiere for the latest Twilight movie at the time. Only told my dad.

Was crossing the border at the golden triangle from Thailand into Myanmar.

Had a heat stroke due to dehydration and passed out in the middle of the street right after the passport control. Woke up to 5 armed soldiers pointing rifles in my face. Don’t speak a word of Thai or any other Asian language.

I signalled “I need to drink water” with my hands and they gave me a Coca Cola and helped me sit down in a nearby chair.

I like watching wild birds at my work. I watched a young magpie steal bread off a raven. The magpies family then attacked the young magpie, took the bread off and gave it back to the raven. They were bird yelling at the young bird. Then called to the young magpie and kinda forced it to the front of the pack to the raven.

The adult magpies gently pecked at the young magpie until it sung at the raven. Then the magpies all waddled away and went back to hunting for bugs.

I feel like I watched some sort of family magpie discipline to prevent an interspecies bird war.

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Opened the fridge and a jar of mustard came falling down. It hit the ground and I already thought:“Great, now I have to clean all of it up.“, but I genuinely didn’t hear it hitting the ground. When I looked down there was nothing there. No glass shards, mustard, nothing.

Looked around for a good 5 minutes questioning my reality. Turns out it kinda repelled of the ground and landed in the wineshelf (next to the fridge, like 1.5 feet above the floor). Upright. Standing. It straight up did a bottle flip off the floor. It dropped a solid 6 feet on hard ground and just bounced. Still questioning the laws of physics to this date.

My friend and I once missed the last train home after a gig and wandered around a nearby harbour, killing time until the trains started up again. A drunk man (around 50yo, ~30 years older than us at the time) stumbled out of a building and invited us onto his boat.

We sat with him drinking rum for a few hours while he regaled us with stories about all the sex parties he’d hosted on this boat. I didn’t believe him but I was warm and had a drink in hand so I humoured him. He eventually pulled a lever near the front which opened a secret door to a sex dungeon, filled with all kinds of bondage gear and sex toys.

We then added each other on Facebook and my friend and I went to catch our train back to London.

When I was 6 I was in a car with my aunt. While she was driving I opened door and fell out, luckily she didn’t drive fast, probably she just started driving, I can’t remember, so I wasn’t hurt. I told that to my family several times already and they refuse to believe. Few weeks ago, I was with my aunt and she told me that story and asked me do I remember that.

I was rowing through the middle of a nearby lake, coming home from fishing. The lake is flat as glass, not a single wave but the ones I made. About 11 AM. I stopped for a second, because one of the oars popped out of its socket, and it was b*tch to fix.

Suddenly something bumped the boat from below, hard enough that I fell on my a$$ and the boat started rotating in place, until it was a$$ backwards.

After 3 seconds, there was the same dead stillness again, not a single wave.

The only non creepypasta’ey explanation I can think of is that there were divers in the lace who decided to [email protected]#k with me.

I fell off a 35 foot bridge onto concrete and barely even hurt myself. The most i got was a badly bruised thigh and a pretty bad graze on my elbow. Whenever i tell this to people IRL they all call me out.

don’t ask how i fell off of the bridge, sh*t happens, man

not even my parents believe me to this day, when I got home the next morning and told them why my thigh was purple and my elbow was [email protected]#ked. They told me I must have been too drunk to remember the actual story and that I most likely just fell in the street….


I was on a fishing trip in early July this year. It was a great calm day on the Irish coast. I had just caught a halibut and put it in my cooler when I look up and see a man at sea. This man was just standing there watching me fish. He was standing on NOTHING. He was standing on the water just staring at me. He looked down and dissipated quickly.

I went out on my boat to the spot he was and found nothing he could have been standing on. I then looked into the water where I thought he may have looked. What i saw there will haunt me forever. There was a small aircraft under the water. The pilot had decomposed to the bones. He was wearing the same clothes as the standing man.

I did report the aircraft and it was found to have been missing for almost two years by that time.

I was like 12 years old and played with my dog in the back yard. He suddenly stopped and just looked at my leg. There was a piece of wood in my leg. It was ~8 cm long and in 90° angle in my leg. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel anything. To this day I’m wondering how this stick found its way into my leg.

I saw a girl who contracted a rare African parasite shoot crack causing tiny worms to crawl out of the hole in her arm and from the corners of her eyes.

It happened. I’m sure it did. I saw the worms. She held one up and said, “see, I told you, this is what they look like.” I threw it on the floor and burned it with a lighter.

I wasn’t even on drugs because I had a drug test for probation in the morning. –its like my own brain is trying to convince me it didn’t happen but I’m sure of it….

when i was younger i worked at a popular theme park in the UK as a ride assistant. one of the rides i worked on was the River Rapids. Two young scouse lads who had obviously been drinking got on and it was clear they were going to be a pain in the arse.

As their Raft came towards the end, they both were running around the outsides of it. The raft hits the wall and they both fell in. this is near the lift section of the ride which if they’d been snagged would have torn them up badly. i ran down and god knows how, managed to pull them both out. They were both swiftly escorted to the medical centre and im assuming off park.

The same day, after i finish work, i went to go and see a friend for a few hours and on my way home i follow a car that is all over the place. The car hits a kerb and flips onto its roof. i stop my car, run across, yank the doors open and pull both the the occupants out. Same two lads id pulled out of the water at work earlier in the day.






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