Internet, You Will Have To Explain (26 pics + 1 gif)

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What is this long arm thing coming out of my fresh water snail?

Answer: A breathing siphon

What would this bit be used for?

Answer: A screw extractor. You can use it to extract damaged/stripped screws and bolts.

Eggs (?) in clumps about 1 inch across all around the pond at Kenneth Hahn Park in Los Angeles.

Answer: Amazonian apple snail eggs

Tiny strainer/sieve made from copper and brass. Found in a box of miscellaneous hardware.

Answer: A colander for a dollhouse. There’s a huge market for tiny kitchen equipment replicas.

Izismile Videos

Found these two brass objects on a job site. Crescent moons with detailed tooling engraved on both of them. Anyone have any ideas what they are or their origin?

Answer: These are wax seal stamps

Saw this thing almost turn down a one-way road into oncoming traffic in Las Vegas

Answer: An enclosed recumbant bike.

This thing found by the lock on the outside if a front door in Scandinavia

Answer: A bunch of slugs huddled together

My Grandpa had this old small phone looking thing. Any idea what it’s called?

Answer: A Grillo telephone

Found on beach in Florida. About a foot long. Looks and feels like skeletal material.

Answer: It’s the upper mandibel of a pelican


Found on the floor of a lecture theatre in UK. Feels very metallic. (10p for size)

Answer: Its a Mannaz Pendant Rune Necklace

This heavy stainless steel rod was bought in the scrapeyard and it’s been used as a handrail for at least 30 years. Do any of you guys know what was i’ts original purpose?

Answer: It’s a rotor for a fluid driven motor. Commonly used in oil field applications to drill or pump. Search mud motor rotors for more examples.

What is this light refraction on a cloud?

Answer: It’s called a sun dog, the light is lightly diffracted by a cloud with ice particles, and reflected by a different cloud without the arc of a rainbow.

Any thoughts on what this could be? I found a few of them scattered on the Oregon coast over the weekend

Answer: It is part of the Underside of a molted mole crab shell.

It has strong magnets inside, the electrode sits between them

Answer: It is a Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge. We use them in Vacuum Braze Furnaces to measure the vacuum in the furnace when it is below 1 micron and moves into the Torr Scale at 3.0 x10-3 and lower.


I found this under the back seat of a truck in a junk yard.

Answer: A part of an Ammonite fossil.

Found inside cremated remains. Triangular less than an inch tall and wide. C and T at bottom. Did not burn so possibly metallic. Felt flexible.

Answer: It’s what’s left of a chemo port.

Looks like a seed. Found in Cancun, Mexico

Answer: Hamburger bean. Some people consider them good luck. I have one I keep in one of my purses.

Found in Madrid Airbnb. Some sort of board game with dice and chips. Would love to look up the rules!

Answer: It’s a version of Parcheesi

Somekind of old shovel/e-tool thingy. Has the text ‘1972’ on the head. Have been told it’s a redecorated Soviet e-tool but i’m not sure.

Answer: It’s a military trench shovel


What is this jelly like substance in my beef and broccoli??

Answer: It’s a glob of corn starch that is used as a thickening agent in sauces.

Found on a fishing boat in Cambodia, from a guy hand diving for scallops.

Answer: A species of sea cucumber

Spotted a couple of these tag-like objects around the Hoover Dam. What are they for?

Answer: They’re survey markers or plaques used for monitoring settlement or movement. They sometimes are retro reflective and a surveyor with a theodolite either manual or automatic will check the distance of the survey plaque.

Found next to a bombing range in California.

Answer: It’s a DBU-33

What are these small metal door things on this building in Chicago?

Answer: Coal chutes


My mom has had it for years. The gold piece on the bottom unscrews and there’s a glass vial thing with a cork that we’re assuming is a stash. The two brown pieces unscrew and at the end it looks like more pieces can be added.

Answer: It’s a smuggler’s flask cane/walking stick

Scaffolding? Party deck?!? It’s permanent with holes in the back. Can’t get up there easily and it’s in an alley.

Answer: They’re platforms that will eventually hold utilities like electric or hvac equipment for the building. They build the raised platforms to utilize the alley space otherwise it would be cramped.


Member 1 year ago
#3 is a reamer - when a hole is drilled into metal and you want the hole larger, you would ream this bit in and out to enlarge it.
Carwash 1 year ago
Member no it isn't. It is a screw extractor for broken screws or bolts. Note the threads turn left handed in order to get a tighter grip in an anti clockwise direction
after drilling a hole inside the screw. A reamer has sharp ridges and are set in a clockwise direction



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