Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (50 pics)

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“A half pipe table tennis table in Munich, Germany.”

This extra long barcode.

“The card my mom sent for my 27th birthday has dinosaur finger puppets on the front.”

“A Texas shaped puddle in a Texas parking lot.”

“My school sells cans of water instead of bottles.”

Izismile Video Collection

The perfectly placed coffee cup.

“University gym girls’ bathroom has not only free condoms, but free lube.”

“The carved pumpkin face in the burger buns at a restaurant I went.”

“Local pho shop smooths edges of chipped bowls and keeps using them.”

“My sisters cat has an extra digit on each front paw. Looks like he’s wearing mittens.”


“My egg cooked in the shape of yin yang.”

“I had a quadruple mini banana this morning.”

“This fridge has a mini filtered water pitcher built in.”

“The cityscape I drew on my mini whiteboard.”

“The leg on my kid’s toy broke off, so I made her a prosthetic with a 3D pen and a scrap piece of metal.”

“I welded a rose for my mum’s birthday.”

“Each window has different colored tree leaves.”

All pink Starbursts.

“You can see my weight loss progress in my work belt.”

“The Wood In This Tree Looks Like Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce.”

“My grass is an inch lower...and got frost. My neighbors did not.“

“The detail in these hardwood floors from 1902.”

“This electric upright bass.”

“This toaster has a bit more button.“

“In Denmark you can buy hollowed out hot dog buns.”

Rare white giraffe in Kenya.

The eggs of the Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina) look like emojis.

The trunk of an oak tree serves as a nest of an albar pine. Both trees are alive and have been sharing living space for more than a century. The pine reaches 15 meters high and is 130 years old, while the oak measures 12.5 meters and is 250 years old.

One of the smallest vertebrates in the world, the chameleon of Madagascar.

Giant Cave Crystals in Mexico.

A toucan with a reconstructed beak done through 3D printing.

Hummingbird nest with a leaf roof.

This dress by Sylvie Facon.

“Spotted a rare VW Golf Harlequin.”

Pixar has come a long way in animal animation.

Harvest mice likes crawling into flowers to eat the pollen and sometimes fall asleep in them.

A dogs body behind its fur.

Sunset from above the altocumulus clouds at 30,000 feet near Oahu, Hawaii.

An Antarctica ice core that shows years like "rings of a tree", with a dark layer of volcanic ash that settled on the ice sheet approximately 21,000 years ago.

This incredible Sunbeam snake by Maura Hennelly.

Farms in Colorado Surrounding a Small Town.

Uxmal Yucatán, Mexico.

Plant grow close to the router.

Sea turtle riding a jelly fish.

Moon drop grapes, super sweet and crunchy.

Meet "Olm", a unique organism. This is an albino salamander, without eyes and with external gills. 66 million years ago, when the impact of a meteorite destroyed most of the earth's life forms, the olm kept swimming. Lives up to 100 and can survive for ten years without food.

Blue Java Bananas, bananas that supposedly taste like vanilla ice cream.

NASA lamp.

Mirrored Treehouse in Sweden.


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