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Documentaries That Are Definitely Worth A Watch (18 pics)

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Jesus Camp


This documentary looks at the titular “Jesus Camp,” a charismatic Christian summer camp, where children are taught that they have “prophetic gifts” and are training to take back America for Christ. The doctrine that is displayed in the film is on the far-right and extreme edge of the evangelical movement, and is basically positioning these kids as soldiers and protects of the faith.

The documentary itself questions the nature of the teachings and asks how far these kids and counsellors will go for salvation, and wether or not it’s a passionate ministry they’re fostering, or indoctrinating today’s youth.

It’s currently on Netflix, so you should check this one out.




“Zoo” follows a group of men that live with zoophilia, which is a sexual attraction to animals. The majority of the film deals with the group in an objective and somewhat sympathetic manner, but then it takes a sharp turn, with the documentary culminating in the death of Kenneth Pinyan, who took his attraction too far.

There’s not much more I want to share about this one, other than the fact that it’s disturbing to see the passion and sexual attraction they have for animals, and the lengths they go to explore that desire. It’s a little too far for my taste.


Interview with a Cannibal


Back in 1981, Issei Sagawa murdered a young woman in Paris and spent three days consuming her, before turning himself in by approaching a random stranger and confessing what he had done, while carrying a suitcase with the rest of the woman.

This startling documentary looks at not only his crime, but the bizarre set of legal loopholes that caused his release after only 5 years in an institution. It also looks at his reasons and his retrospective opinion on why he did what he did.

You can actually watch a recent documentary about it, right HERE!




On April 8th, 2000 artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp was jumped and mugged outside of a bar, getting nearly beaten to death. After being in a coma for 9 days, he was discharged with brain damage and was completely broke.

Not remembering anything about his previous life, and unable to afford therapy, he takes comfort in building a 1/6-scale World War II-era Belgian town, and filling it with dolls.

When the New York art scene catches wind of of it, Mark needs to decide if he’s going to embrace his unexpected art career, or run from it. This one left me feeling really sad, but moved; as a film about a broken man playing with dolls as therapy will do to you.

Recently, this was made into a film with Steve Carrell called Welcome to Marwen




In 2016, journalist David Farrier stumbled across a secret and mysterious tickling competition video online. As he tries to investigate it, he comes across incredible resistance, malice and secrecy.

What makes this one so twisted is that there is an undercurrent of homophobia rampant in “competitive endurance tickling” as these videos involve athletic men who are restrained and tickled, and every time Farrier tries to dig deeper, he’s threatened with slurs and legal action. It’s as twisted as it sounds. Go watch it.


Izismile Video Collection

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father


If you’re looking for something to break your heart completely, it’s this one. “Dear Zachary” is a film about Andrew Bagby, who was murdered by his partner, before finding out that she was pregnant with his child, Zachary. The film was composed by Andrew’s friend, who originally just wanted to complete a cinematic scrapbook of Andrew for his unborn son, but evolved it into a film about the murder and the fight for custody of Zachary by Andrew’s parents.

This one has a tragic ending, so beware. It’s heartbreaking.


Elephant in The Living Room


“Elephant in The Living Room” is an in-depth, no hold barred look at the issue of exotic animal ownership, as household pets. The doc primarily looks at two men: one who’s friend was killed at the hands of an exotic pet, and the other, a mentally unstable man who struggles to raise two African lions in his own backyard.

The two men come to a head when one of the lions escapes and it found attacking other animals, and the question remains: are these completely insane individuals who think that exotic animals are ok, or do they start with good intentions, then find themselves in over their heads?

Definitely don’t miss this one.


I Think We’re Alone Now


“I Think We’re Alone Now” is a documentary about two obsessed Tiffany fans. One of them is Jeff, who’s been to court for a restraining order that Tiffany filed against him in 1989. He’s a guy who suffers from Aspergers, who’s perpetually trapped in his youth, who uses a helmet to talk to Tiffany spiritually, and hopes to marry.

The other is Kelly, a intersexed individual to claims that Tiffany visited her while in a coma and is obsessed with her.

Both have a lot of trouble adjusting to the world and Tiffany is their only hope. You can watch the whole documentary HERE!


Brother’s Keeper


The Ward brothers were four elderly siblings that lived on an inherited plot of land as impoverished dairy farmers.

One morning, the eldest brother William is found dead, supposedly by his brother’s hand. Rather than focusing on the trial, the film looks at how the Ward brothers live, plagued by illiteracy and poverty, while living in a shack with no indoor plumbing or heating. The brothers are treated as an oddity, with some of the trial coverage painting the brothers as incestuous hillbillies, while other perspectives paint them as simple, farming folk that want to be left alone. It’s a bleak and depressing film, and one that will leave you thinking…


Prophet’s Prey


When Warren Jeff’s rose to the role of Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, he took control of a religion that believed in polygamy and underage marriage. Under his control, the practices of the religion were altered to include intimidation, reassignment of wives and daughters to other men and rape.

After allegations of his sexual assaults came to light, he was supposed to be arrested and charged, but he fled. Finding himself as #2 on the FBI’s most wanted list in 2007, he was finally caught, tried and sentenced to 20 years in prison.



The Imposter


This film takes a look at a young man in Spain who claimed to be the missing 16-year-old son of a grieving Texas family. When it’s discovered that he’s an established con man with a history of impersonating missing and lost children, for the simple reason of wanting “love and affection.”

Don’t know if it’s sweet or sketchy, but when you watch the combination of childlike innocence and malice in his eyes, you know that it’s about more than that.


Grey Gardens


This sad documentary is about the aunt and first cousin of former first lady Jackie Bouvier Kennedy, who live in a decaying mansion called Grey Gardens in East Hampton, NY. Both are named Edith Beale and the film chronicles these two former socialites as they inhabit their decrepit mansion, full of cat feces and mounds of garbage, all while the women wear their best furs and talk about days gone past.

It’s a bizarre film, and rated a as the ninth best documentary film of all time.


Dreams of a Life


This documentary tells the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, who was found in her apartment in 2006, decomposing. She had been dead for 3 years, unnoticed, surrounded by christmas presents, with the TV still on.

Vincent had been the subject of domestic abuse and was living in a unit for victims, with her utilities automatically withdrawn from her account. But how she had died and been dead for so long without anyone noticing, is a mystery that the film tries to solve. But to die alone, and for no one to know, that’s a terrifying thought that will haunt you.


Whore’s Glory


This look at the lives, needs, troubles and hopes of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico, is a startling look at the people behind the world’s oldest profession. These women, offered with no other choice, make do with the live they’ve been given, and this rich look into what it means to be bought and sold for sex, is a fascinating journey.


Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure


Back in 1980’s San Francisco, two friends started to tape-record the numerous fights that their violently noisy neighbours kept on having, and sharing the tapes with their friends. Over time, these recordings went viral as the tapes were shared amongst the community in the Lower Haight district.

The two neighbours in question were argumentative and violent alcoholics Peter J. Haskett and Raymond Huffman, who would be the worst of friends when they were deep into the drink, and the best of friends when sober.


Capturing the Friedmans


“Capturing the Friedmans” is a very chilling and mind-numbing doc, as it can be about anyone, anywhere.

The film deals with Arnold Friedman, a computer teacher who worked with kids, who was found to be in possession of child pornography and ultimately was charged with child sexual abuse, along with is son, Jesse who helped. The entire film is composed of home movies that the Friedman’s had taken over the years, from the time prior to the discovery and during the time that Arnold was on trial.

It’s chilling how normal they all seem.


Crazy Love


If you thought your last relationship was messed up, this one will take the cake. This doc, “Crazy Love” is the story of Linda Riss and New York City attorney Burt Pugach, and their severely [email protected]#ked up relationship.

Back in 1959, Pugach began courting Riss, who was 10-years his junior, with a manic obsession that culminated in him hiring men to blind her with lye, leaving her with disfiguring scars and partially sighted in one eye.

He went to jail for 14 years, during which he and Riss remained in touch, and ended up marrying each other after his release. This film looks at the nature of their messed up relationship as a “right people, wrong time” versus a game of manipulation.


Grizzly Man


Timothy “Grizzly Man” Treadwell was an amateur ‘bear whisperer’ and nature enthusiast, who spent 13 years of his life trying to befriend and protect the bears in Alaska. He took copious amounts of footage up until his death in 2003 of a bear mauling.

Director Werner Herzog pieced this documentary together with Treadwell’s footage to tell his story, including a scene where the director listens to the recording of the final mauling, and is visibly shaken. This is a documentary about hubris and about misunderstanding the fact that some animals should be left alone.


Funny 6 month s ago
#7 everyone should watch this. every day i see sh#t on tumblr and instagram etc of pet owls, lemurs, leopards, etc. thinking it's cool to have a wild animal as a pet. wild animals do NOT make good pets. stop it, a$$holes.

by the way, awesome list. all of these are amazing.
Stronger 6 month s ago
#18 Horror movies/games etc. are my favorite genre. They don't affect me. This film gave me disturbing dreams.



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