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Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (54 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       11 Nov 2019       5321       2

“I made a large (10″ tall) fully functional (bluetooth) AirPod.”

“The way the rain only clings to the colors of this poster.”

“National Geographic Gallery uses its logo as a door handle.”

“My oatmeal became smooth and egg-shaped during my running commute to work.”

“I ordered a small cup of espresso and got a small bar of chocolate with it.”

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“This Braille edition of Uno.”

“The Nike office building across from mine has a swoosh garden on the roof.”

“This trailer made from an airplane in Key West.”

“A miniature church so blind people can experience the shape of the church behind it.”

“I just finished a roll of plastic wrap that’s lasted me over 13 years.”


“The tininess of this sea star.”

This pizza box opens from the center.

“The range of egg colors my chickens lay.”

“Jar of mustard that has a handle on it so you can reuse it as a cup later!”

“How the smoke from our fire pit colored these spiderwebs black.”

“Someone drew a light switch on a blank cover.”

“This aisle of cheese balls at my local Walmart.”

“The pictures in this pub go round corners.”

“One of neighbors built a mini skate park for his kid.”

“The pattern in the frost on my windshield this morning.”

“My friend dropped a plate that smashed into the Smash Bros logo.”

“Our new 1930 Majestic radio aquarium.”

“These notched chairs to hold bags.”

“Bald Eagle in the St. Louis airport today.”

“My coffee+milk had the same shade of brown as my mug this morning.”

“This cactus thats been growing out of my friends metal roof for 4 years now.”

“This shell in my sea salt.”

The patterns on ventilation grills in new Swedish trains.

The painting says “Closed.”

Anti-vandalism level: 100

Toilet paper that helps you study English.

Electric candles in a Catholic church.

“Are you fond of constructing? Still don’t know what to do with those Lego leftovers?”

This food court at a mall in Rhodes (Sydney, AU) offers bubble wrap and a furry wall to relieve stress.

“This QR code is etched into a rock along a forest trail in my city.”

How the power lines at Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana, USA) simply and clearly show the curvature of the Earth.

A stone before and after polishing.

Peace and tranquility.

An eco-friendly car?

Here’s what potato chip bags look like at a store located at 7,380 feet elevation.

And this is what $1 million in $10 bills looks like.

This is just regular 2D only ~looks~ like it's 3D.

The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is mostly hollow.

This is a regular park, but the painted-on lines give it a crazy perspective.

This is how big (some) wolves are:

There are people alive today who can say, "My grandpa was the 10th president of the United States."

This is how some people would wake themselves up before alarm clocks.

Or they would hire a "knocker-upper," like Mary Smith (pictured here), who would shoot frozen peas at people's windows to wake them up for work.

This is how much Shanghai, China, changed over just 20 years.

This is how the auroras of Jupiter and Saturn look, compared to Earth's.

These two photos are exactly the same — they're taken from the same angle, have the same crop, and contain the same pixels — but the second one still looks different.

This is a real sculpture in New Zealand.

There's a truck on the left side of this photo.

The inside of a fire alarm is really just a tiny switch.


Tymusz 6 month s ago
#6 can you see the braille from the back, i wonder? that would be stupid.
Gorgeous 6 month s ago
Why would it matter if you can see the braille from the back? Aren't they designed for the blind? Do sighted people learn to read braille by eye, backward?



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