Boomer Advice Can Get Really Out Of Hand (31 pics)

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Million 6 month s ago
Hey Millie, did you appreciate not having to sign up to be drafted into the military when you turned 18? Who do you think made that possible? When we were born, you could be put in the military and made to kill or be killed, whether you wanted to or not. We rioted; some of us got killed over it, but we did it. Do you realize that if we didn't do that, hundreds of thousands of you - maybe a million or more - would be in a war zone getting shot at right now?

Do you appreciate being able to go to school, a restaurant, or a coffee shop with your minority friends anytime, anywhere you want? Who do you think made that happen? When we were born, you couldn't do that anywhere you wanted. Some of us were arrested and beaten, put in jail, or lynched; but we made it happen. Now you can enjoy your soy lattes together without fear of being beaten up.

We ended a war. Again, some of us were shot and killed by our own military, but we ended a war. How are you Millies doing with that thing in the Middle East? Yeah, still going on. Nice work; hope I didn't ruin your soy latte with that.

You have no idea what advances we made so you could have it as easy as you do. *Some of us died so you wouldn't have to.* Stop crying and grow up.
Skeleton 6 month s ago
Best advice I ever got when I was a boomer teen: "You know, when you leave home you're going to have to take care of yourself and pay for everything - start thinking now about how you're going to do that."
Fishermen 6 month s ago

I see your point here.

But while - of course! - some things in the world changed in a positive way, at least the same ammount of things went horribly wrong.

To me, it seems like every generation has its difficulties. But it's no lie that most of the difficulties of nowadays kids have been established by the generation(s) before.

It's been like this for... maybe forever.

But unlike previous generations, the kids right now have the possibilities and the courage to speak out loud!

Dear world, you better get ready for a whole lot of next generations fed up with the shit we did and telling so. It's honest and fair - both things many people have never experienced and are somehow afraid of the situation now.
Kitten 6 month s ago
More boomer advice:

-Don't sabotage your life: learn some basic skills like doing laundry, simple cooking, changing a tire, etc.
-Take care of your teeth - you only get one set, for life!
-Don't have kids before you can take care of yourself.
-Listen to why others are having a difficult time, and don't do that! For example, "I'm 27 with 2 kids and my art history degree cost me $125,000, now we have to move back in with my parents - why did they do this to me?"
-For all you Snoop Dogg wannabe's: pull up your damn pants, stop talkin' that fake gangster BS, don't get that neck tattoo, and go volunteer at the community service center until someone sees that you're serious and gives you a chance at something - it will work, my friend!
-Look at the trades before going to college: welding, truck driving, work for the damn city roads department, anything but massive college debt with no hope of a job when you graduate - there are lots of jobs in the trades!
-Eat at home - stop paying 4 times the price to eat out all the time.
-Trust someone who has lived longer than you to give you some lessons learned, and then apply them to your life so you don't make the same mistakes.
-And remember, Epstein didn't kill himself.
Trained 6 month s ago
"But unlike previous generations, the kids right now have the possibilities and the courage to speak out loud!"

Unlike previous generations? SMH. Could you be any more self-absorbed?

This is what *some* Millies don't get: You're not special. You're not different. You're not entitled to get everything for free just cos you want it.

I say *some* because I know and have hired dozens who are smart, hard-working, driven individuals who fully accept accountability for their decisions. They are vastly ahead of where I was at their age. They are creative, a joy to work with, and socially adept. I have tremendous respect for them. They are awesome.

And I've never heard them complain or whine once.

Little 6 month s ago
These were all written by liberal [email protected]#kheads , who cares what those queers think
Offspring 6 month s ago
Most of these are kinda dumb



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