Sometimes There Are Red Flags From The Job Interviewer, Not The Interviewee (20 gifs)

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As a teen I was so delighted there was an opening at the Humane Society, Seattle’s local pet rescue and adoption center. Filled out the application. When handing it in, I was asked if I was comfortable loading and unloading the crematorium. Growing up comes in one little chunk of horror at a time.


He put his hand on my thigh and slid it up my skirt. I hit him with a coffee mug and left.


3/4 of the way through my interview as a tower climber. They told me to smile and show me my teeth. I did. The interviewer said I had great teeth. Then asked why I had to show my teeth. She replies “To see if you are a meth user.” I stood up and said thank you and please do not contact me.


When I asked how much they’d pay me and the response was “you can make as much as you want”


Someone had recommended a modeling job to me and my best friend. So we went to the interview which took place in a large hotel room in a group setting. The terminology used regarding the job responsibilities was very misleading and made to sound like it was all very innocent and that we would only be escorting wealthy men willing to pay for our company at events and parties. Despite our young age, we figured out real quick that they were looking for prostitutes, and noped the [email protected]#k out of there.


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Handed in a resume to a quirky store I had always liked, lots of little Knick-knacks and candles and stuff. The owner was in and happened to be hiring so she interviewed me on the spot. Everything went well until she told me that I would have to be willing to get a tan to work there (I’m very pale). I just turned around and left.


“We won’t give you a contract until you’ve bought your uniform and paid for your training”

Yeah, no.


The owner of the company told me she’d come to my house and cut off all my hair if I ever shared any information with her competitors. I don’t actually believe she would have done it, but it also didn’t seem like she was joking.


I waited 30 minutes for the manager to show up to interview me and then I left. I decided if she was doing this at the interview, it was likely indicative of how she’d be at the regular job. Ten minutes of driving later, she called me and said, “I’m here, you can come back now if you want.” I said, no, thank you.


They asked me to pay for an “administrative fee”. It’s a giant red flag.



While interviewing with my partner the interviewer told us there would be no drinking or cursing on the job, my partner said: “You’ve got to be [email protected]#king kidding me!” We were escorted out immediately by security. The look on the guy’s face was priceless and worth losing any potential work there, as there was so much around at that time. We went to a bar to celebrate.


Told me that if I was to be considered for the position they wanted to me cancel all the other interviews I had lined up at other company’s. This was just “for a chance to make it happen” not even for a solid position. I politely thanked them for the offer but said I would not do as they asked and hung up.


The job was an unpaid internship, not only that but it would cost me $2,000 for the “privilege” to work there.


I was invited to an interview as a developer and when I arrived the first thing they did was give me a 20 to 30 pages test to complete before talking to anybody, since this wasn’t told to me in advance I got up and left. I’m not pretentious but I’m also not a junior developer either and I find these school-type tests a massive waste of time.


In high school, I applied to Cold Stone Creamery. I got there and it was a “group” interview. The guy running the interview told us each to sing a quick nursery rhyme or something since their employees are supposed to sing when they get tipped. When it was my turn I just got up and left.



Not me but a buddy noped out of an interview at a sex store when he found out one of his duties would be mopping the jizz out of the viewing booths.


Interviewed for an assistant manager position at a high-end beauty supply store. The manager interrupted the interview 5 times to yell at her employees. Then she proceeds to tell me, everyone, there are stupid a$$holes. I stood up and walked out. I didn’t even say a word. She called me later that day to ask why I left… clueless woman.


I applied to a retail job as a second job, I said I was only available on weeknights. First thing the guy said was that he was looking for an assistant weekend manager. I asked him why he told me to come in for an interview and he said he didn’t know.


25 odd years ago, after I didn’t finish college, I went on a job “interview” from a newspaper ad looking for an administrative assistant for a local business. It was a married couple, the interview was at their home, they had 3 kids under 6 and for a glorious $5 an hour, I would be expected to run their office, help with the kids and housework and cook the occasional meal. And they were so proud of themselves for offering more than minimum wage!




Forbidden 1 year ago
Red flag from the interviewer ''not drinking or swearing'. Lazy meth addict idiot liberals. Go and beg some free funds.
Pants 1 year ago
"smile to check if you're a meth user" and he walked out... huh?
must be a druggie or felon.



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