These Household Things Actually Have A Purpose! (17 pics)

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That little metal or plastic tab on the end of your stapler? It's a handy built-in staple remover.

Use it to bend up the two short prongs on the back of the staple, then flip your papers over, and slide it under the wide front side. Ta-da! Staple removed.


The wavy part of the bobby pin's made to grip your hair against your scalp, so it stays put in your hair longer.

From here.


Ballpoint pens have a little hole in the cap to help prevent suffocation just in case someone chokes on it.

Eek. From here and here.


The little hole at the end of your tape measure is designed to catch and hold the head of a nail or screw.

You don't have to ask someone to hold the other end that way. From here.


That hole on your pasta spoon that lets water drain will also measure out about one serving's worth of spaghetti.

It probably depends on your exact spoon, but hey, it works for some people. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ From here.


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Wine glasses (and some fancy beer glasses) have stems to help keep your drink at the right temperature.

While there's no shame in holding your wine glass however feels most comfortable, if you hold it by the stem the heat from your hand won't warm up what's in your glass. From here.


The rivets in your jeans help protect them from wear and tear at high pressure points.

In the 1870s, a tailor named Jacob Davis told Levi Strauss (who owned a dry goods store in San Francisco at the time) how he did it, and they patented the handy trick.


And that tiny pocket? It was originally designed to protect those old-timey pocket watches.

It's true! Although these days, at least in my pants, that pocket mostly just collects lint. From here.


The little bumps on the "F" and "J" keys on your keyboard help touch typists know where all their keys are.

Although if you're actually a touch typist, you probably already knew this.


The "57" on the neck of glass Heinz ketchup bottles makes the ketchup come out faster: Just give it a firm tap.

From here.



The flaps on either side of a juice box will fold up to make it easier for little kids to hold.

Little hands sometimes have trouble holding a juice box without squeezing it! Thankfully, there's this solution. From here.


While the little hole on the handle of your pot is technically made so you can *hang* the pot, it can also be a handy spot to balance your spoon.

Assuming your spoons and pots work this well together.


If you suspect your oven runs hot or cool, you can manually adjust the temperature of your oven so it matches an accurate in-oven thermometer.

This might be why your baked goods never turn out! *How* you adjust it depends on your brand and model, but it'll be in your oven's manual. Get an accurate thermometer on Amazon for $4.49. From here.


The little tabs on either side of your box of foil keep the roll in place, so you can pull and tear without the whole roll coming out.

From here.


And after you punch in those holes, you can use 'em to hang your foil up between two removable adhesive hooks.

From here.



The little point on the cap of tubes of medicine is there so you can pierce the foil seal over the opening of the tube: Just unscrew the cap, turn it around, and push it in.

No more picking at a tiny piece of foil!


The wings on your Apple laptop charger are there so you can loosely wrap the cables around it.

From here.


Golden 1 year ago
#8 No pocket watch from that time would fit into that small pocket.

Until about five minutes ago, that little pocket was called a 'change pocket'. It's for keeping your change in.

btw: Levi's used to be a symbol of durability. Levi's used to last like leather. Now, Levi's are no more than a sad, sad excuse for clothing. The scumbag CEO advises people not to wash them because of the wear and tear washing will put them through. I have flannel pajamas more durable than Levi's. Funny tho, that kids keep buying them. smh.
Gun 1 year ago
#10 might be the dumbest thing I've ever
Delight 1 year ago
There is a Levi condom commercial that states that watch pocket was created in 1873 and was "abused ever since."
Predator 1 year ago
#3 try breathing through that hole then.
Dicy 8 month s ago
Call BS on 10 and 11



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