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Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (51 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2019       12103       3

“Blind family friend has a screen protector with braille dots on it.”

“I got a 40-year pocket calendar that works till 2057.”

“Bee walking trail on fogged glass.”

“These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat in the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces.”

Old-style Tesla charging station.

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“Regular beer I found at a local liquor store.”

“My dad has a 100 sided die.”

“The toilet at my work has a wall of strong scented wood to replace an air refresher (it works surprisingly well!)”

“This behemoth cornflake I found in my Frosted Flakes.”

“My grandma has used the same spoon in her coffee for about 45 years and it’s gone square.”


“For some reason, my gecko shed everything but his eyebrows.”

“Had a perfect prism rainbow projected on our office floor.”

“Barnum’s Animal Crackers are no longer in a cage.”

“The soup i made has the exact same color as my bowl.”

“This guy driving an old style race car around my town. He has the correct clothes on and everything.”

“In Finland, there are buttons to thank the bus driver.”

“This router thingy looks like it’s panicking.”

“This cracked glass viewing window at the zoo.”

“This dog blanket I bought has a dog with a wheelchair.”

“Draining asphalt VS normal asphalt during a storm.”

“This Chicken Nugget looks like America.”

“This restaurant’s restrooms change lighting when occupied.”

“I made a gingerbread version of my childhood home.”

“My school has a set of tools and a pump to let you repair/maintain your bike in front of the entrance.”

“My coffee maker is so old that it was made in West Germany.”

“My local library now has a public recording studio, 3D printer, Vinyl press, lazer cutter and heat press. They are all free to use.”

“These care instructions on a shirt I bought tell me not to slap pandas.”

“This art installation in a subway entrance in Sweden.”

A chunk of dirt that was struck by lightning and turned to glass.

When a tree stays in a plastic pot for too long.

“Left a candle outside. It collected rainwater which sank to the bottom after the wax was melted by the sun.”

“I rehydrated a raisin by leaving it in hot water overnight!”

This is what happens when you wear the same shirt every day.

This is why you wear a helmet. It will take all the heat.

“The way my pen bent after being left in a hot car.”

“Left an unopened can of soda in my car, it was so hot that it exploded. Everything is sticky now.”

“My sparkling water bottle was pretty close to exploding after being left in a hot car for the day.”

This onion that was accidentally left in a car trunk for 4 months.

The way this tree grew to swallow a sign.

This rug is so well worn it’s almost invisible.

A cat has been using this scratcher for many years.

“I left the deep freezer door slightly cracked by accident and didn’t use it for a few months. I was rewarded with this a few days before moving out.”

During WWII soldiers were known to personalise their pistols with sweetheart-grips these consisted of plexiglass usually from downed aircrafts. They would put their loved ones photographs inside as a way to always have them close.

“I found a fake grocery store inside a factory that they use to test their product. It has carts, a deli, a fresh produce section, even properly packaged "meats". The attention to detail in this place is really eerie.”

Rare Snake.

The Himalayan Monal Pheasant

Deep Sea Worms viewed under an Electron Microscope.

Nature’s brilliant camouflage.

A village settlement in Denmark.

A F-18 Hornet breaking the sound barrier.


Time 6 month s ago
#49 is not a village but summer cottages. The pic is rather old. The place can be seen her
Journalist 6 month s ago
#21 it looks like the united states... america is the continent the US is part of.
First 6 month s ago
@op what an amazing life you have had... you have taken so many wonderful pictures...

OR is it more like you reposted them and added "I" and "My" in the titles to make people think they are your pics.



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