What Can Be Seen From Space (23 pics)

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The sight of the Amazon fires is devastating.

The elegance of this Arabian pier is stunning.

Those seemingly tiny sticks used to be a forest.

Little by little pollution is poisoning the oceans.

Perfectly symmetrical fields that can be seen from space.

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Each color of these potash ponds from a potassium mine in Utah indicates a different state of evaporation.

A couple of decades back no one would have thought that humans would create whole islands like Palm Island in Duba

This image might look like a metro map or electrical circuits, but these are actually oil fields in Argentina.

If you cannot go to space, bring the stars to Earth.

A mosaic design beside an Arizona road is better appreciated from above.


A massive hand-dug diamond mine called Big Hole cannot be ignored.

Perfectly designed plantations near Brazil, where Earth was used as a canvas.

Roadway structures should be considered works of arts at times.

A human-made oasis in the middle of nowhere

Kohnen Search Station in Antarctica caused an internet panic with everyone developing theories about this mysterious structure caught by a Google satellite.


Mines look like they are inviting you to touch them and the truth is, they are gigantic.

Not all man-made changes are bad, check out this amazing hotel in the middle of the China desert.

This is what The Great Wall of China actually looks like from space.

One of the saddest phenomena of our times: deforestation

Bonus: Nature will never stop astonishing us. This is an abstract painting made with gold and green paint called the Amazon River.
Moving lava creates a spectacular effect.
The warmer temperatures in the waters cause ice melting. We should take better care of our home.
After all, nature truly loves us. Here’s an icy heart-shaped glacier in Greenland.

Credits:  www.nasa.gov

Scarlett Johansson 1 year ago
First: The Amazonian area is not only in Brazil, take a better look in the maps, please.
Second: The fires in the rain forest are not only in Brazil, there are fires in other countries aroun the world too, again, take a better look in the news.
Third: Stop talking about global warming, this a great lie.
Last one: Take care of your garden first, leave your neighbour's garden em peace.
Predator 1 year ago
Really last one: Almost all of these pics are not taken from "space".
Stage 1 year ago
Climate change caused by humans will likely be the death of the human race. At the very least, it will bring about a cataclysmic event that will reshape the planet and wipe out millions. Hopefully some will survive and adapt to the aftermath. Our required natural habitat is incredibly delicate and just a few degrees change in global temperature in either direction will destroy our agriculture, our ocean food, our land food, and kill off the organisms we rely on, such as bees and poultry. Not to mention the high potential for extreme glacial melt at both poles that threatens to drown coastlines around the world inward for miles. That’s not even getting into pollution of the ocean and atmosphere, or the effects of deforestation.

It’s tragic that we know the risks but continue destroying anyway, or just flat out deny what’s happening because it’s easier. We are absurdly unprepared for the disasters that are inevitable, and it will take an extreme event before people take it seriously.
Condition 1 year ago
Bullsh#t - You could just off yourself so you don't live in complete fear over something you have no control of and which is actually a lie spread by those that are getting rich convincing people like you of this fantasy. Climate has been changing as long as the Earth has existed, as long as the Sun has had huge swings in it's solar flares, as long as Volcanoes have been spewing huge amounts of debris into the atmosphere, and as long as lightning has been started gigantic fires.....in other words, climate always changes due to the above reasons. We are like a gnat on an elephant when it comes to OUR true impact on climate. Thousands of scientists argue against the fake man made climate lies that people like you spread - read from the TRUE scientists that don't get their funding from Al Gore or his group of uber rich liars.
Tymusz 1 year ago
#7 the dutch have only been reclaiming land from the sea for like.. well, for instance, The Haarlemmermeerpolder was created in 1852



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