They Found Their Luck In Thrift Stores (30 pics)

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Stumbled On This At A Yard Sale In Pa I Almost Crashed And Couldn’t Turn Around Fast Enough Lol, I Lucked Out It Fits Perfect!

My Sister And I Were Shopping At Our Local Thrift Store, And I Bought A Bag Of Random Gift Tags In Which I Found This Angel Drawn By My Dear Childhood Friend

One of my best friends in elementary school was a precious girl who had cystic fibrosis. After 7th grade she moved out of state, and I heard the next year that she had passed away. I was heart broken. After she moved, we lost touch and I didn’t get to say good bye. Years later, as an adult, my sister and I were shopping at our local thrift store, and I bought a bag of random gift tags in which I found this angel drawn by my dear childhood friend

It had her name and the city she’d moved to printed on the back. I was stunned and overwhelmed that it found it’s way to me. It will always be my best find


It's Home! And Matches My Doodles. Thanks Again, Weirdos

Great Find By My Daughter, 1902 Print Of All Is Vanity!!! Just In Time For Tricks And Treats

Found A Cat Sized Tiara For My Princess

A Few Years Ago I Stumbled Upon A Young Woman’s Personal Travel Journal From 1926 Belonging To Mrs.virginia H Mayfield, The Very First Female Judge In The State Of Alabama

I Found My Mug At A Yardsale And The Hat At A Thrift Store On The Same Weekend

Found The Coolest Brooch Of All Time In An Antique Store In Boise, Idaho

My Weirdly Beautiful Find

Yasssss! Finially Something Post Worthy! A Teal Triceratops Purse You Guys!

My Cat Did Not Love It

Something Unique And Technically Second- Hand I Thought This Group Would Enjoy. My Grandmother Made Me This Button Tree Pillow In 2001 (She Passed In 2003)

The letter reads: dear Jennifer, this is a special button tree. The top button on the left is from the army uniform that your great-grandfather (my father, Oscar Anderson) wore while he was fighting in WWI - 1918. The top button on the right is from the navy uniform that your grandfather wore while he was serving aboard the USS Sproston dd 577 (a destroyer) during WWII - 1944-45. The other buttons on the tree are from my mother’s button box. The tiny ones may have been on some of my baby clothes (which makes them real antiques)! In those days you saved the buttons from the clothing you were throwing away. Love, grandma


Found A New Container For All My Arsenic!

If Only I Had A Place To Store Him After Halloween! I Would So Take Him Home To Put Coming Out Of My Woods To Scare The Crap Out Of People Driving By

I Found The Same Ken Doll They Based Ken Off Of From Toy Story 3 At Goodwill Today. Best Find Of The Year!

Found This Little Gem Today In A Antique Store

I Work For Kdot And Sometimes We Have To Go Pick Up Roadkill, Tire Scabs, Mattresses... You Name It. Today I Hit The Jackpot!! And No You Can't Have It. It's Alllllll Mine!! Haha. Kansas

Thought I Was Grabbing A Plain Black T-Shirt For Work, But What I Got Was A Mobile Puppet Show

My kids love it. $2 at salvation army in Mchenry IL. They had two left.


Just In Time For Halloween - Found This Sad Composition Baby Doll At A Great Thrift Store In Salem, Ma And Saturday I Found The Perfect Dress (At St. Vincent Du Paul) So I Could Match Her

House in the background is: Buhl mansion guesthouse & Spa in Sharon, PA. You can stay there and it’s really gorgeous


Found These Babies At A Flea Market Last Week. Secondhand Lamps With Real Xray Lampshades. They Obvs Came Home With Me

Does A Shrimpy Travel Pillow Count As A Weird Secondhand Find?

Weirdest But Cutest Measuring Cups Ever

I'm So Happy! I've Wanted One Forever And Found This For $22

After 15 Years Of Marriage I Was Looking For Some Inspiration To Cook A New Romantic Dinner For My Husband

My Mom Found Three Porch Gargoyles At A Barn Sale. One Of Them Rode Shotgun With Me Back To North Dakota From Idaho... A Little Too Chatty, But Great Company

This Is My Favorite Yard Sale Find Ever! His Name Is Earl. I Got Him Five Or Six Years Ago At A Hoarders Yard Sale Along With Some Doc Martens And A Lava Lamp

He'd been hanging on my living room wall at my old place for years. That is, until my husband made me take him down because he didn't think potential buyers would appreciate my dark decorating style. Well, we sold the house and I'd been begging my husband to bring earl home for months, but he was one of the first things to be put into storage, so he was buried pretty deep. Well, he finally made it to our new house today and he's proudly hanging above the fireplace, where he'll stay for years to come. To answer some questions, Earl is a thick plastic, he has the artists name engraved on the side, I looked him up once, he's worth about $200, but I'd never dream of selling him. I do decorate him for parties and holidays, he's puked streamers, blown up balloons, worn santa hats and bunny ears among other things. I usually try to match him to whatever my headless mannequin (deidre) is wearing. He doesn't glow in the dark. He does have an Adam's apple, it just doesn't protrude very far. He's always reminded me of Maynard Mames Keanan more than flea though


So I Found The Holy Grail For Every Lady On A Budget... Heels That Go With Everything

Please excuse my foot fog, these shoes have like three tiny vent holes in them. I can't wait to wear obnoxious socks with them


Denim In The Front (Not Stretchy, Just Regular Denim!) And Joggers In The Back

They Say Art Gives Voice To Our Dreams... Still At The St. Charles, Il Salvation Army If You Want To Get It For Yourself

These Appeared Brand New


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Gun 6 month s ago
I'm pretty sure that is a Kirpan, the Sikh religious blade which is one of "the Five K's" the religion commands all Sikhs adorn themselves with. the others being: Kesh (uncut hair), Kangha (a wooden comb for the hair), Kara (an iron bracelet), Kachera (100% cotton tieable undergarment (not an elastic one))



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