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Other 5 month s ago
#35 They should give you a bullet to the head, you ignorant twat. You know how many animals were killed to make room to plant your banana trees? Probably not.
Catshark 5 month s ago
"You know how many animals were killed to make room to plant your banana trees?"

Bananas don't grow on trees, they come from the grocery store.
Three 5 month s ago
#6 Congrats to the young lady but if it is sourced through fakebook then it didn't happen.

Should be holding up #56 at CNN
Occasion 5 month s ago
#56 Sometimes the world is not better with someone in it. That mother who beats her child to the point of brain damage? We could do without her.

If the world is better with me in it, why do people keep f**king me over ever chance they get?

Maybe the world is better with me in it, but I am clearly not better being in the world. The world has never done anything except take from me everything it can. So yeah, the world may be a better place, but I'm getting screwed.

I've been sick, sleep-deprived, and in pain for years; they don't even know what's wrong with me, so I'll never get any better. And I'm supposed to stay alive because what, a miracle might happen? Yeah, and pigs might fly.

The horror of some illnesses is that they kill you; the horror of other illnesses is that they don't kill you.

Stop with the airy fairy everything-is-lovely-if-you-just-say-it-is nonsense.

Sometimes euthanasia is the right answer.
Compilation 5 month s ago
@Occasion ... I feel ya brother. It's a sh#tty world we live in and it's a known fact.
First 5 month s ago

...i seriously hope you have some Therapist to talk to, about your psychical situation. If not, get one.

This world is a cruel and f**ked-up place in so many ways, it's never going to be a "fairy taile", no matter how hard you wish or talk about it.

But: This world can be your home, it can be a place where you belong and where you feel safe and, yeah, feel at home. There are things that you might enjoy, if alone or with others doesn't matter. There are things you might experience and find interesting, mindful, entertaining, profound... whatever!

This planet might be f-d up in so many serious ways, but right now, you are here. Why not try to get something out of it? Maybe not where you live right now, maybe not doing the things you do right now. Nobody can stop you to change the things that directly surround and bother you - except yourself.

And whatever cruelness, sickness and twisted bad stuff this world is throwing at you - it totally depends on you, how affected and influenced you get by all this sh#t. Having a helpful hand, you can train this. Things that got you upset or sad when you were 5 years old aren't the things that bother you right now. Likewise, whatever happened o you in the past is not defining your future. But you have to work hard on yourself, it's a long way to go. But you can walk it, if you want.

Having a sh#tty life also isn't what you automatically have to reflect back. There's uncounted people who had an awful life, but decided to not act accordingly and tried to make a difference - for others. Maybe this world has never been nice to you, but of course you have the freedom to be nice to the world, to other people. This maybe will not change how you feel (not directly - it will change over time, but that takes a while), but it will have direct consequences for other people around you. It's up to you to decide, what kind of consequence this will be.

Of course, you can continue staying with what you just wrote, you can be full of hate and despair and sadness and anger and whatever - it's your thing, if you really choose to have it this way - go for it.

But you absolutely can choose.

And it's totally up to you, how you will spend your life.

If you want something different than now - talk to a Therapist, this are people trained to help with such changes.
Energy Inn 5 month s ago
#35 that's because you're a douche and everyone hates you.
Carwash 5 month s ago
# 1 I'm eighteen, and I don't know what I want
Eighteen, I just don't know what I want
Eighteen, I gotta get away
I gotta get out of this place, I'll go runnin in outer space, oh yeah
#17 call fake how they got tracked vehicles lined up



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