Yeah, This Relationship Is Over… (14 gifs)

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While we were arguing over a stupid thing, she took two knives from the kitchen and started to hone them by grinding them at each other.


I dated him for 5 years and he lived with me at the time of the breakup. I forgave him for cheating just a month prior, which I know I shouldn’t have, and I was having a really hard time with trust and everything still (duh). I told him I was going to stay with my mom for a couple days because I was struggling. And he said “which slutty friend put that idea in your head? I know you would never be strong enough to come up with that on your own.” Who says that?!

Yeah…get the [email protected]#k out of my house. Now.


She told me that I was a “cheap [email protected]#k” because I wanted to cook for her instead of taking her to Texas Roadhouse. I was so excited about a new recipe I wanted to try out.


I was dying of the flu and asked him to get me some soup. He came back with 1 can of $0.69 soup, venmo requested me for $1 because “money is tight right now”, then bought an $80 bottle of scotch 3 days later on Election Day, and the [email protected]#ker didn’t vote because he got too drunk.


She tried to manipulate me by threatening to break up, so the next day when i went to pick her up i dropped off all her [email protected]#t and ended it right then and there.


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I was having a health episode and since it wasn’t an emergency, I texted him (I figured he was asleep.) my best friend was up with me all night, taking care of me. When I called him in the morning and asked why he did not call or text me in the morning he said “your health isn’t my problem”. And I knew it was over and never could fix that.


His brother was rude to me at the table, and I said “I’m not sure I agree with that, let’s leave it there” to which his brother stormed off. I was then banished from the house until I apologised to the father, and all the brothers for “disrespecting” a man in the house. My boyfriend told me I had to do this.

Didn’t want to, so he ambushed me on Valentine’s Day (4 months later) for a ‘special night in’ and locked me in a room with his brother until I apologised. I apologised and got the [email protected]#k out of that room and relationship


she couldnt deal with the fact that i was sad after my brother died


My ex had severe anxiety due to his parents divorce and wouldn’t allow me to hang around guys even in a group. I dealt with it for 3 years because I loved him so much. I ended it after my best friend graduated and I wasn’t allowed to go say goodbye before he left for college. I did it anyways and came back to my boyfriend having the worst panic attack I’ve ever seen.

It’s been 5 years now and we’re still great friends. He just needed help and refused to get it.


Her parents demanded that I bought a house before we could be married. Funny thing is I already owned an apartment but the value (400k) was not quite as much as the value of the house she owned (600k) so I had to get a house of at least even value to even it out. Unfortunately, my ex-gf decided she would side with her parents on this one after I pointed out the absurdity of it.


When I was 23, she was a gorgeous 47 year old spanish woman, we had zero problems, we connected so well, every part of our relationship was perfect. Almost 2 years of bliss and heaven together.

Until she said i was too old for her.

And dropped me for a 19 year old.


She told me that whenever we had sex, she imagined she was [email protected]#king a dog. also made me watch dog porn


Threatened to sleep with my co-workers husband


Boyfriend when i first met him was sweet and full of potential. Towards the end of our relationship, he became toxic, rude, and lazy. He dropped out of college to focus on being a sound cloud rapper. (God how I cringe at my choices.) Him dropping out put me on the fence, and I eventually discovered he was cheating.

The final straw you ask? I confronted him about said cheating, and he started FREESTYLE RAPPING to me about how sorry he was mid argument. And it was TERRIBLE. On the bright side, I lost all feelings I had for him dead on the spot and walked away laughing.





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