Husbands And Boyfriends Who Know How To Make Their Relationships Fun (45 pics)

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Sending Sexy Pics To The Wife Like:

Girlfriend Left Me And The Dog Home Alone For The Weekend. First Thing I Sent Her

My Aunt Had Been Complaining They Hadn't Been "Festive" Enough. I Present To You My Uncle's Masterpiece

My Wife Forgot To Leave Me The Car Seat So I Could Take Our Son To The Babysitter's House. This Is The Picture I Sent When She Asked How I Was Going To Get Him There. I Then Turned Off My Phone For The Next 4 Hours

When You Have Candles, But Not The "Right" Ones For Your Wife's 39th Birthday

Izismile Video Collection

Send Bail Money

Wife Left Me Alone With The Kids For The First Time And After Asking For An Update I Sent Her This

I Needed My Wife And Daughters To Smile During A Photo Shoot, So I Told A Dad Joke

Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

My Girlfriend And I Celebrated Our 1-Year Anniversary. We Met On Tinder, So Naturally I Had Our First Conversation Printed On A Blanket


Decided To Photobomb My Wife During Our Wedding Photoshoot Last Month

My Boyfriend Decided To Take My Dog To The Beach Today For Some “Quality” Time Together

Plane Toast

He Finally Fell Asleep When My Wife Asked For A Picture And I Wanted To Let Her Know What Hes Been Like Until Then

My Husband Ian Insisted That Our New Puppy Nala Get Her Own Stocking. I Thought It Was Sweet Until I Realized He Had Ulterior Motives


My Wife Cries At Absolutely Anything. I Mean, Anything. So I Started Writing The Reasons Down Because Reasons

My Husband's Idea Of A Gender Reveal Cake

My Wife Told Me To Get Dressed Up For Professional Christmas Photos. Think I Nailed It

My GF Had To Wear This To Work Today. Never Wanted Her More

My Husband Came Home While I Was Asleep And He Says, “Wake Up Or I’m Going To Grab The Goats And Bring Them In!”


My Wife And I Recently Attended A Rave-Themed 5K Event. I Took This Picture Of Her Standing In Front Of A Light Board

My Wife Put "We Still Do. 13 Years" On This Letter Board. I Added A Word When She Wasn't Looking. She Is Posting This Version To Facebook As I Type This Without Realizing The Change. Wish Me Luck

Girlfriend Sleep-Talks A Lot. I Write Down The Best Ones When I Can

Classes Canceled Due To Polar Vortex. What Else To Do But Wrap Your GF Like A Burrito And Feed Her Mozzarella Sticks

Target Husband


I Told My Fiancé That We Needed To Get A Funny Tree Topper To Offset The "Adult" Tree. He Nailed It

My Husband Decided To Label Some Of My Herbs

Spent 10 Minutes Snapping Pics Of My Wife So She Could Have 'The Perfect Sexy Instagram Photo.' When She Was Finally Happy I Asked Her To Return The Favour. We Got This Beauty In One Take

My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel

My Friend Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s. He Thought It Would Be Funny To Send This As His Christmas Letter. His Wife, Horrified, Added The Sticker


My Wife Hates Comic Book Movies. Thanks, Universal

What Happens When My Wife Asks Me To Write The Letter From Santa At 12:30 Am

My Girlfriend Says That I Own Too Many Video Games. I Sent Her This

I Gave My Girlfriend A Set Of Keys To My Apartment Today

My Fiancée Hates The Pet Stairs I Bought For Our Dogs, Saying They Don't Even Use Them. After Weeks Of Attempted Training I Sent Her A Pic This Morning


This Is My Favorite Photo From Our Wedding. Not Pictured: My Wife

My Girlfriend Didn’t Like My Mustache. I Shaved It For Her, But Not Before Having A Professional Photo Shoot With My Dog

My Wife Wasn’t Sure What To Spend Our 1900 Dave And Busters Tickets On. I Made An Executive Decision

Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend vs. Photos He Takes Of Me

My Girlfriend Has Recently Had A Bug Problem In Her Apartment. She's Drunk And Went To The Bathroom. I'm About To Be Single


I Asked My BF To Pick An Outfit For Me While I Was In The Shower

There Will Never Be Too Much Of Sassy

When I Ask My Husband To Cut Vents In The Turkey Pot Pie

My Fortune Cookie Is Trying To Start Some Drama With My Wife And I

Friend’s Husband Played A Prank On Her



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Con 5 month s ago
OK, so in #1 when your kid gets sick you just put them out with the garbage. Got it.



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