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Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (66 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       24 Dec 2019       10498       4

An athlete`s leg after a race.

A Southern Cassowary claw. In case you didn’t realize that birds are just little dinosaurs.

“My friends blind cat, Soren, has amazing eyes.”

“I dropped my headphones in the sand and all the iron collected on the magnets.”

“My friend’s giant sunflower.”

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Bilateral gynandromorph butterfly: it’s half-male and half-female.

This bleeding tooth fungus is both frightening and charming.

This is how an oyster grows pearls.

Inverted icicles.

Ghost glass frogs have the most mesmerizing eyes!


The transparent fish that seems almost fake.

Starfish with 6, 5, and 4 arms.

A nearly 5 pound lobster claw.

“This white fern I found on my hike today.”

This is what a sea urchin looks like on the inside.

A plant that is 4-stories tall.

An ant’s face under an electron microscope.

A salt crystal that formed a snowball.

Just imagine... these tiny creatures have a full skeletal system, arteries, and a whole set of organs inside.

“This super-cautious crab scoping me out.”

This albino reindeer I saw while travelling in Finnish Lapland.

Tulips blooming in the snow.

A shower that formed naturally inside a cave.

“This is a Northern Cardinal with bilateral gynandromorphism, an abnormality that means it’s male on one side and female on the other.”

“The tininess of this sea star.”

“Lake Erie Pier frozen solid after a winter storm.”

“Volkswagen Beetle side fenders converted into motorcycles.”

“This cabbage in my yard showing its fall colors.”

“This building has cartoon windows.”

“Inside a balloon.”

These tiny mushrooms.

“The way the ice forms under this pier.”

“4 KB of IBM memory found in a barn....on a 640 KB photo.”

“The top of a shipping container.”

“Intricate details on the back of a wedding dress in India.”

“This bug hotel I found on my walk this morning.”

“A ’turnip rock’ formed by tidal erosion in Huron County, Michigan.”

“A side angle shot to emphasize the massive size of the abandoned Mir Diamond Mine in Russia.”

“Glow-in-the-dark plankton on the beach in the Maldives.”

A cat with sectoral heterochromia (a condition where there are 2 colors in the eye)

“A 1,400-year-old Ginkgo tree with incredible yellow leaves.”

“Amazing lightning triggered by a rocket.”

“Bead door that looks like a door.”

“These public swing powered chargers for your phone in a train station.”

“Overlapping circles on a bus window ad.”

“This bike path in Denmark has a tilted trashcan.”

“This duck I saw with a star on its tail feathers.”

“USB power bank disguised as a mini generator.”

“This shadows from my Axis am Allies game.”

“My local pub has a puke sink.”

“I wrapped my nephew’s gifts like Super Mario blocks.”

“This amusing little quip at the bottom of my favorite comic shops’ receipt.”

“This car has windshield wiper heaters to melt the ice and free your wiper blades during winter.”

“It appears I’ve swiped some sort of hole through my screen protector only visible through polarized lenses.”

“This wearable microphone one of my students gave me to beam directly to his hearing aids.”

Ice that formed around this berry.

“This Traffic light tree.”

“The prongs weren’t cut on this fork.”

“How this Korean coffee shop minimizes its trash volume with this cup stacking system.”

“The shadow of my protein shaker ball is longer and looks nothing like the shaker ball.”

“The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet..”

“12 foot Christmas tree made entirely out of bell peppers!”

“This plant growing in a wall in my neighborhood.”

“My kitten has DOUBLE double fangs!.”

“My cola bottles with varying amounts of cola.”

“I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”


Credits:   [1] [2]
Stronger 5 month s ago
I love how Izismile says "we has if they are ones who made the floors, or have the cat that has double fangs, or anything else that says "my" or anything else that states ownership. Give credit where it's due.
Shark 5 month s ago
Your "double fanged cat" is just losing its kitten teeth.
Selected 5 month s ago
@stronger. Like with, for example, a credit link at the bottom of the post? Yes. It would be nice if they did that... sm_80
Faster 5 month s ago
1: Not athletes leg, Cyclist Janez Brajkovic shows off shocking state of his legs after bulimia battle and doping ban



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