So Here’s What These Weird Things Are For (24 pics)

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Cleaned out my great uncle’s house; it’s about the height of a cane and the loops flip up. Bottom looks like a large screw?

A: Shooting stick, a portable seat for game bird hunting.


Purchased at an antique store. The description on the tag only said “photography”

A: It is a retouching desk for retouching or editing negatives.


Stringed instrument hanging in the Strater hotel in Durango, CO

A: It is a ukelin


Tube arising from the Floridian landscape. I’m at a campground in Disney and saw this. Just curious to what it is and its purpose.

A: Irrigation tubing for landscaping. You can add a sprayer or drip nozzle anywhere along it by poking them into the tube.


What bullet? Did this come from. I found it when I was cleaning my bedroom floor. It has an ‘E’ in a circle on the bottom.

A: A .22 casing. From a bullet, not a blank.


Izismile Video Collection

Found this rusty metal plate about 2 1/2 miles into the Cossatot River Corridor trail

A: Aliquot map of Section 30. PLSS – Public Land Survey System of Township, Range and Section.


What was this bottle used for?

A: Regina wine vinegar bottle


I found this….thing in a shop. Has a gigantic serial port on the side included in the comments.

A: A car’s ECU, basically the brain that runs the engine


Stackable counter weight? Found in a flea market in Germany.

A: Nested cup weights


These dice. Anyone who knows the purpose of them? All the sides are large three digit numbers, different for each die.

A: Deciphering die


Made of brass. Found on early 1800’s plantation, any ideas? Quarter for scale.

A: It is a butt plate from a Brown Bess musket.


This was found in the ground in a masonic building. What does this number mean? (Location : Greece)

A: It’s a magic square. All rows and columns add up to 15.


Found these red cloth pouches all over the beach this morning in Todos Santos, MX…

A: It is tobacco, as part of this ceremony.


Base is 37mm, just over 4 inches long. Very heavy for its size, obviously a munition of some sort. Any one know what to?

A: It is an unfired, 37mm, M3, AP M74, anti-tank, armour piercing round. Just like it says on the band.


Found in an old Bandaid box, but didnt match the kind on the box. The back of the wrapper is blue ish

A: It’s for blisters, specifically your heel.



What are these holes in my candles?

A: Candle holes are a way to stop the wax from dripping down.


Old jacket that I assume is military that I found in a closet. All of the pins have the American seal on them

A: US Army (WW2 vintage)


Found this in my late grandmother’s jewelry box. Made of leather and something else???

A: It’s a scarf slide


Small object made of glass, found in a drawer in the UK. About 10cm /4 inches long

A: It’s a swizzle stick/drink marker


I found this in my grandmas house, she says it was part of the original decor, any ideas on what it is?

A: It’s a flower pot


This is a pin my fiancé found in an old box of memories at his parents house. The lettering is so worn down that it’s hard to tell, but at the top it says DAN-YY or DAN-44 or something close to that. He thinks it is something Russian, but we can’t figure it out. Does anyone recognize this?

A: It’s a pin version of a Civil Actions Medal, specifically a first class one.


What is this banana holder my girlfriends mom found in an antique store actually supposed to be?

A: It’s an antique napkin holder.


This came with a bunch of camera equipment that my mom bought. The piece on the right has a lens in it and the numbers on the rings read 34, 42, and 50. Maybe something for measuring something? “Tasco” is the brand.

A: Part of a camera to microscope or telescope adapter.


A strange glass-feeling purple shard I found on a creek bed

A: It’s a chunk of chert.



Water 11 month s ago
#1 Is not a "shooting stick". It's a Saddle stick. It's used as a singular seat of rest for anyone's rearend or tush whilst hiking or hunting in need of a convenient but temporary support seat. A "shooting stick" is a bipod or tripod used during hunting to support a hunting gun or bow & arrow. With all due respect to Izismile, copying and pasting things from Reddit is more often than not, a bad thing. Just saying.
Compilation 11 month s ago
"shooting stick" is also in common use in UK as a monopod temporary seat. Sometimes the seat is a leather hammock that is slung between the two hinged top openers



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