Climate Change Is A Real Thing! (15 pics)

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Pedersen Glacier, Alaska, 100 years ago and now

Gorgeous Victoria Falls has turned into a little stream.

We lose our forests (and its animals) as they’re burning all over the world.

Cities across the world are being flooded more than ever.

Iceland’s Okjokull Glacier was commemorated in August 2019.

Izismile Video Collection

Climate change caused an 89% decrease in new coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

This whole glacier turned into water.

In just 6 years, Aculeo Lake disappeared as if it never existed.

Theewaterskloof Dam, that was in South Africa, is also gone.

The flooding of the Ganges River in Allahabad has left people homeless.

Lake Urmia has turned red and is about to dry out.

Forests all over the world are burning, and here’s what has happened to the Amazon:

The flooding of the Mississippi River puts the whole city under water.

Grinnell Glacier can now barely be called a glacier.

In only 3 years, California’s Lake Oroville has almost completely dried up.




Indiana Jones 10 month s ago
Aff, bullsh#t.
Some of these pics were shot in the dry season, other in the rainy season.
Ok, the ice is melting, but it's not because "global warming".
And the fires in Australia? Are they cause by the "global warming" too?
Iguassu Falls in Brasil are almost totally dry in some part of the year, and totally full of water, breaking records in others.
Stop posting lies, please.
Or are you Crazy Greta Crazy friends?
JC_doubledown JC_doubledown JC_doubledown
Limited 10 month s ago
Climate change has been going on for millions of years and there's nothing we can do about it. So quit taxing it. Quit trying to regulate it. Anything you try is an act of futility.
People 10 month s ago
I guess some here are geniuses from America...
Cream 10 month s ago
ahh yes, the usual "climate change is a hoax" retarded twatwaffles, at it again in the comments. not shocking for this website.
Kitten 10 month s ago
Jurassic period the average temp was 95 degrees.
This is normal, this is the effects of the sun energy.

Greta should start scolding 3rd world countries for their plastic pollution contaminating water.

I love it when celebrities/liberal elites scold the common folk about climate change yet they live with a +200 person carbon foot print. Hypocrites.
Rush 10 month s ago
It used to be 'Global Warming'. They dropped that because the data shows global warming stop around 20 years ago.

Of course the climate is changing. It has been for as long as we have kept records.

England used to grow gapes in the Middle ages. Too cold now. Greenland, when the Vikings first arrived, was green. Too cold now. In the 17th to 19th centuries, the river Thames in London used to freeze over. Europe is warming still coming out of that mini Ice Age.

How much of the climate change is man made is the question that environmentalists are unwilling or unable to answer.

No point trying to do much about the environment when China is building a new coal fired power station every week.

Greta - 'How Dare You!' - should stop lecturing the cleanest countries in the world and try lecturing the dirtiest.
Smarter 10 month s ago
Ice caps on Mars are melting too - so clearly CO2 isn´t the issue.
Warmer sea water can´t hold as much CO2 as colder water.
Everyone, that drank a warm beer once, can tell the difference.
So, when the oceans get warmer due to solar radiation,
CO2 is released into the atmosphere, not the other way ´round.
Al Gore´s got you good. They want to tax the air, that we breathe.
Bearmanpig already tricked you into paying millions to him for certificates.
salamoon 10 month s ago
#3 we are losing forests mainly because of deforestation, not fires. the bigger problem is water loss.
Mission 10 month s ago
You can always spot the uneducated by these types of kid-hating, conspiracy loving idiotic comments. Anyone who thinks the Industrial Age has no negative effects on our environment and climate is an absolute moron. Sure, climate change has happened on large scales in past epochs... and wiped out millions of species in the process. Time to find a new excuse for not doing your part.

The ideal climate for humans is incredibly specific. What do you all think will happen if the air becomes unbreathable, the uv index intolerable, a mini ice age is triggered, polar caps melt and flood the coasts? You know, like major climate change events in the past. FFS, read a book and accept that your disgusting Dodge Rams are part of the problem, and people NEED to make changes to their lazy a$$ lives for the benefit of the planet and the following generations. It’s not rocket science; it’s literally elementary grade basic science. It’s so sad how many people don’t give a sh#t about the planet their children will inherit. Fortunately, these mostly boomers won’t be around much longer!



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