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Someone Must Know What This Is… (23 pics)

Posted in INTERESTING       9 Jan 2020       4502       3

Any ideas I dug it up in my garden I was thinking old telegraph machine or something but I have no clue?

Old telephone bell. The ball is the clapper, the rod is attached to a plate at the bottom which the coils move. The coils are the two round parts. Upper left you can see a knurled nut on a binding post. If you can look at the cylinders you should see copper wire wrapped around the rusty iron cores. The bells sat on top, one of the mounts is visible on the right


Decorative Iron Spike with Bent Tip

It’s a meat turner used for flipping meat while it cooks.


Found on my tri tip steak that had been frozen for 3 months

Someone used a needle meat tenderizer. Either rolled or pressed. is fine. Its to soften the meat


Heavy metal object found underground with metal detector

Looks like this may be a marathon or fun run race medal. At the 12 o’clock position you can see where the eyelet has broken off for a ribbon to be passed through, and the size is about right.


Found in my jacket pocket. Looks like it was one thing that broke into two separate components.

A standard button and a standart microphone.


Izismile Video Collection

I found this on the ground of an old abandon Psych Center in Kings Park Long Island. I think it’s an old radio but I don’t really know. Any ideas?

It was probably an exit sign. The three things are lights or where lights were.


Weird pink fleshy thing washed up on the beach in south Florida. About the size of a dinner plate, a few inches thick. Looked the same on both sides.

Looks to be a tunicate


“HVG” sign with pyramid – what is this?? Office mates and I stare at it through the window all day. No luck Googling. More info in comments.

High Voltage Gaming


Found this in my school’s workshop. What’s it for?

Contour gauge


Four of these helicopters flew over my house at pretty low altitude today – I guess they’re military? What are they?

Sea stallion/Super Jolly Green Giant”/MH-53 Pave Low


Large metal vessel with a bowl, the thing in the bowl is a bell. The cups are tiny, the top parts come apart from one another. Found in an old house in Connecticut. The family is Jewish, not sure if that is relevant. Apple for scale, didn’t have a banana.

It’s a samovar, it’s used to make tea


A woman found this medal in her deceased (danish) dad’s belongings, any help regarding this object is much appreciated.

I think it’s a Danish Navy medal. The Danish Navy ships carry the prefix KDM or Kongelige Danske Marine


What is this patch/pin I found in my uncle’s stuff? He would be 90 this year, was in the US Army, and was a record executive at CBS, if that helps.

Air Born army pin. He went through jump school while he was in the military.


I got this backpack for Christmas and I started using it today and noticed this strange belt on the inner part between the straps. Does anybody knows what is this for?

It goes over the handle to a roller bag.


Saw this at the Mystic Aquarium last summer, haven’t been able to identify the species.

Xenia I think


Thing I found at a flee market today. No text on it anywhere. What is this?

Looks like a lab/bench power supply, probably homemade if there are no markings. Those look like standard “banana plug” sockets.


What is this thing. It’s very small. (Penny for scale). It has a threaded screw part that eventually reaches the flat disc part.

Earring for non-pierced ears?


Found at goodwill. Ultra complex diagram of.. Something

Map of the assembly code to Pac-Man, by Ben Fry.


Found on these new traffic light poles they are installing

Vibration dampeners


Found in the museum of Medical History in my Med school in Italy. Anyone know what it is?

It’s a tuning coil for a crystal radio.


This is a piece of red coral I got as a gift. I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out if its shape is anything significant.

If you turn it to the other side and rotate 90 deg counter clockwise it’s the Chinese character of luck and happiness


Very large dome in an expensive residential suburb of Boston (Concord, MA)

the Annursac Hill Reservoir


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#14 - Bartender's towel holder.
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