Revenge Can Be Funny, But Not To Everyone (50 pics)

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Locked My Cat In The Bathroom While I Made A Meal Because He Was Being Annoying. Revenge Was Had

Izismile Video Collection

Lad At Work Just Eats Everyone’s Treats. Tomorrow Will Be A Surprise For Him

Someone Parked Wrong And Shop Clerks Took Revenge

Half On Disabled Parking And A Half On The Passway To A Mall. Someone Got Really Pissed And Emptied A Jar Of Jam On It

You Park In 2 Spots, I Zip Tie A Cart To Your Car

My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

I Skied Back To The Pole Again... To Take This Photo For All Those Men Who Commented “Make Me A Sandwich” On My Tedx Talk


My Coworker Is A Flat Earther And It's His Last Day

Making Fish Tacos For The Guy At Work Who Keeps Eating My Lunch

When Your Drawing Teacher Assigns 3 Finals So You Secretly Write "You Got Me F****d Up" In Sign Language On Your Final Piece

I've Carried Chalk In My Car For 10 Months Just So I Could Do This Once. Yesterday Was The Day

My Daughter Said She Was Too Old For Notes In Her Lunch - My Reply And Win

Slashed Someone’s Tires Today Because He Parked Like A Jackass.. Was It Justified? I Think So

My Neighbours Like To Throw Their Cigarette Butts Over The Wall And Onto The Sidewalk. I'm Tired Of Seeing Dogs Eat Them And Kids Play With Them, So I Picked Them Up For Them

Ethan Isn’t Playing Around This Semester

I’ve Asked My Neighbor To Please, Please Not Let His Dogs Bark All Night. Today I Received Several Packages In The Mail. Early Tomorrow Morning I’ll Have My Revenge

The Punishment For Petty Theft In My Town Is Making Laps Around The Courthouse With A Sandwich Board Sign That States: "I Am A Thief"

As Revenge For My Brother Wrapping My Christmas Present In Duct Tape Last Year, This Year I've Wrapped My Brother's Present In Concrete! Revenge Best Served Stone-Cold

Wouldn’t Help With The Housework; Weeks Of Begging For Help (Because He Lives Here Too) And Picking Up After Him, I Had Put His Game In With My Snake Since I Knew He Was Afraid Of Her

Joined A Gym, And Was Teased By My Fit Friends Who Workout There. Got My Revenge

The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen In A Long Time, My View From Work

Someone Stole The Pumpkins Off Of My Porch Last Night. Round Two Punks

My Neighbour Went On Vacation For A Week And I Decorated His House With Some Inspiring Lyrics From His Least Favourite Band

This Guy Had Printed Checks Of Him And His New Wife So He Could Write Alimony Checks To His Ex

My Boyfriend Asked Me What I Wanted To Eat & I Said I Don't Know & This What He Brings Me

I Mixed Carolina Reaper Powder Into Half A Tub Of Ice Cream As Revenge For Food Thief At My Community Freezer

When Your Ex Writes You An Apology Letter So You Grade It To Send It Back

My Roommate Fed A Few Of Us Dog Food Saying It Was Jerky. He Went Away This Weekend. 1km Of Clinging Revenge

Every Time I Get A Spam Fax At Work I Put The Spammer's Number On A Free Monkey Flyer And Post It Somewhere Around Town

Pettiness Level 100,000,00. My Husband Was Angry This Morning So He Decided He Was Only Making His Half Of The Bed

Our Neighbors Very Precisely Cleaned Only Their Part Of The Wall



Treasure 10 month s ago
My S.O.'s grandmother knew some of her family very well. A clause in her will stipulated that if anyone contested the terms of that will they'd get a dollar, and nothing more.
Everyday 10 month s ago
I had the feeling the coffee creamer was not fresh. Next time i want it straight from the source.



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