This Is Worth Your Smile (24 pics)

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1 This Is Worth Your Smile

After months of being unable to go fishing, my partner got me a new rod and I’ve been able to return to my happy place!


2 This Is Worth Your Smile

Happiest Day of My Life: Help buying a street performer a new guitar

3 This Is Worth Your Smile

Before pic was taken right before I quit drugs: 83lbs, depressed, addicted for 1.5 years & I was losing sight of things/people in life that truly mattered… fast forward to today! 1 month clean, gained 10 pounds, started seeing a therapist, & sent in 3 job applications last night


4 This Is Worth Your Smile

Just happy to have my beautiful wife and daughter in my life.


5 This Is Worth Your Smile

We have struggled financially the last couple of years but my amazing husband’s hard work has gotten him a huge promotion at work. I am so thankful I get to spend my life with him!


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6 This Is Worth Your Smile

After years of being fat and unhealthy i’m so happy to be closer to my goal.


7 This Is Worth Your Smile

2 months after heart surgery my son had to come back to the hospital due to Pericardial Effusion(excess fluid around the heart). They’ve since drained a good bit and he’s feeling much better! I wanted to share a picture of him happy to eat goldfish!


8 This Is Worth Your Smile

This little girl has helped me through difficult times, always keeps me smiling and motivated!


9 This Is Worth Your Smile

Update: After four years of infertility and a very complicated pregnancy, our son, Orion, was born this morning.


10 This Is Worth Your Smile

Still can’t believe it. Been playing Disc Golf for over 15 years and finally got my first Ace.


11 This Is Worth Your Smile

She said yes – location, right at sunset over Austin


12 This Is Worth Your Smile

10 years ago my parents gifted curious teen me a sewing machine. Last month I finally graduated from college as a fashion designer. I couldn’t be happier!


13 This Is Worth Your Smile

My friend at work made this today to make me stay happy. He succeeded.


14 This Is Worth Your Smile

Me having a good old time with a butterfly that came to hang out . Still makes me smile and reminds me of simpler times – just wanted to share!


15 This Is Worth Your Smile

I finally took a photo I’m proud enough to print.


16 This Is Worth Your Smile

18 months ago I used to weigh over 240 pounds, depressed and sedentary. Today I completed the Disney’s Dopey Challenge- running a total of 48.6 miles.


17 This Is Worth Your Smile

Unconditional, genuine, & pure….I never even wanted kids…never wanted to be a single mother…but when I see how hard she pushes me & how much she loves me without even understanding sacrifice I see how truly blessed I am…& I smile…everyday I smile because of you baby


18 This Is Worth Your Smile

I may be tiny but I made my people very happy and now I’m going to grow up in our backyard.


19 This Is Worth Your Smile

Met in the Peace Corps in 2017, 3 years later my friend is visiting my home town and I’m so happy!


20 This Is Worth Your Smile

Our apartment building caught on fire last night and we couldn’t find our cat before we started choking on smoke. Today, we returned to find our apartment intact and our baby alive. This is the moment I found her


21 This Is Worth Your Smile

Was sad when my hair started falling out due to chemo, but now I actually love the bald look and think about keeping it for awhile after I’m done with treatment!


22 This Is Worth Your Smile

We got SO much food from the food bank! They even gave us food for our pet rat, and a giant bag of pistachios (those are so expensive!)


23 This Is Worth Your Smile

Everyone meet the new pup, Onix the Pomsky!


24 This Is Worth Your Smile

I met her 10 days before being diagnosed with cancer, she didn’t let it get in the way of getting to know me. We are now happily engaged. Take time to enjoy the things you appreciate most.



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Creative 1 year ago
#24 Keep fighting dude.



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