That’s A Quality Facepalm Right There… (46 pics)

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Carwash 1 year ago
History lesson: our grade-school science teachers used to put mercury in our hands to do exactly this. And it was fun. If students misbehaved, they were spanked hard in front of the class with a wood paddle.

Separate topic: we were also *encouraged* to carry boy scout knives. To school, to church, whenever we played. If 10 boys were together, 9 of them carried knives and the 10th forgot his. No one ever got hurt.

Gun racks were in most homes. It seemed most adults smoked.

Kids were encouraged to bring treats to school to share with others, including peanuts.

In summer, kids went out to play at 9 am and came back for supper. Rode bikes all over town, miles away. No helmets.

Not saying it was better, or stay off my lawn. In many important ways, things were terrible compared to now. But it sure was different.
Gregory 1 year ago

and lots of people smoked at school too; they had a smoking area out back, kids dressed up in old Army uniforms and went around trick or treating with a rifle strapped to their back as part of the costume. - No-one freaked out and called the cops. we played outside all day, alone, with no adult supervision and... it was normal... no child support enforcement agents came around threatening to take us to the orphanage if we were outside without a parents supervision.

our high school had a smoking area for students. you weren't allowed to smoke inside but every break there would be groups outside smoking between classes.
salamoon 1 year ago
#9 its a salad... do you really need best before date for it? sm_80
Hopp 6 month s ago
Carwash is right , you are wong. Grew up in switzerland with throwing knifes and cigarettes, got home when it was dark. I pitty your youth.
Faster 1 year ago
@Carwash No science teacher ever put mercury in our hands in the 60s. We weren't allowed within 5 feet of it.

Only nuns used corporal punishment. Even then it was rare, on the hands only, and even then, one smack per hand, on the palms, with a flat ruler.

No one ever allowed us to carry knives to school. Wtf dude, I had a freakin YOYO CONFISCATED in 7th grade because kids were using them to smack each other in the face. Encouraged to bring knives to school? What drugs are you on?

No one in my area had a gun rack in their house, including the loose cannon of a cop across the street.

The only time we were 'encouraged' to bring treats to school was when we were being dressed down in front of the class for sneaking food in, and the teacher said - sarcastically - if you didn't bring enough for everyone, you can't have it yourself. We were NEVER encouraged to eat in school outside of the caf.

What school did you go to, BS High?

#19 Women commit domestic violence at twice the rate men do.
Three 1 year ago
Hey Faster: Sorry my post triggered you, but surely you don't think your individual grade school experience speaks for the entire country, do you? Does that make sense? Just relax.

Other things you may not like:

One day a friend brought a .22 rifle (unloaded) to school for show and tell. The teacher had him leave it in the closet until it was time to show it. Every family in our rural town had guns, and there were thousands of small towns just like us. Not where you lived, fine. (PS: it was a single shot, and took shorts, longs, and long rifle ammo - three different kinds of bullets. He explained it all to us.)

And you never had boy scout knives???? In the 1960's? Wow. I find that hard to believe. There were posters in the schools encouraging scouts, handbooks, merit badges, and knives (which were almost part of the uniform).

It wasn't unusual for a teacher to borrow a knife from a grade school boy, use it to open a box, then return it to the kid. No one thought anything of it.

We also had bought little baby turtles at stores (can't do that now because they spread disease). Another school project was to bring home little baby chicks from a county farm to raise for a week, then return to school. (Can't do that now, either.)

I'm surprised by your reaction, Denying these things happened just because you didn't personally experience them.

If you've never been to Hawaii, I supposed you deny it exists? Oh, well. It's very nice here.

Btw, my neighbor had a 1950's store-bought science kit that contained real (and very dangerous) radioactive plutonium. Link below. I supposed you deny those existed, too, just because you never saw one.

We had wrist watches with glow-in-the-dark radium painted on the numbers. Also not healthy. But they were everywhere. You can look them up yourself.

The world is bigger than your narrow life experiences, my friend. Calm down. No need to name-call or swear. Take a deep breath.

The science kit:
ZombieDarwin 1 year ago

You, my friend, had an awesome childhood!

Paddling at school was pretty much absent, with the exception of one math teacher, the industrial arts (work shop), and phys ed, of course. I seem to recall that the math teacher would give you a choice, paddling or a rap on the knuckles. I could be misremembering that, though.

I remember leaving home in the summer mornings and coming back for dinner, usually riding bikes or playing football in the neighbors' back yards.

Good times, good times.
Complete 1 year ago
I had my a$$ wooped for smoking in the boys restroom. That was in 1972. Henry County High School in Paris, Tn. The vice principal was Bill Hudson. He passed out punishment at the school. He was a defensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills before going into education.
Pants 1 year ago
I live in the UK & a kid bought his dads 12g shotgun in to school for a play. No a big deal at the time, it would be now!



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