Mom Talks About Things She Wishes She Knew Before Having Kids (21 pics)

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As you might’ve understood from Casey’s post, there are moments when things simply don’t go the way you’d want them to. That’s OK. “If you’re at a low point and can’t physically take a break from raising your kids, find other ways to take a step back,” the mom advised. “Cancel a few activities you have planned. Have your kids take more independent time (even if it means turning on the TV for a bit longer than usual) for themselves so that you can find a few minutes of quiet for yourself. Wake up thirty minutes earlier to get a slower start to the day. Any way you can think of to find a few extra minutes of calm and quiet… Do it. It’s good for your mind, heart, and soul, and in return, it’s good for your kids!”

“We’re all in this together,” she added. “We all parent a little differently (which is okay), but we all need to step up and support one another. Motherhood is hard, but knowing someone has our back makes all the difference.”

Casey’s words really resonated with a lot of people


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Beer 5 month s ago
Make the dino pancake before you name it. That's good.
Indiana Jones 5 month s ago
There is a lot of truth in there. I would just like to argue with #2: whenever possible from a medicinal point of view breastfeed your kids, ideally for the first 9 to 12 months. While there might be decent formula on the market it is not the same as breast milk. If you have a problem with saggy funbags blow them up afterwards. There are men who don't care though, being a good mother is much more attractive than perfect tits. Source: I am a father of four.
And additionally: let the kids be kids. They don't need to have perfect A's in school, play two instruments and do two types of sports at the age of 9, instead they need time to play, be bored, do nothing. And yes, this also comes from experience.
Predator 5 month s ago
Screen time IS an enemy, especially before the age of two. TV kills attention spans and programs a brain to require a switch in focus in the same amount of time a TV show switches cameras. Cartoons that don't switch focus, but stay with a "single camera view" for longer period of times aren't as bad, relatively. I kept my son away from TV for the first two years of his life and his attention span was far longer than I would have thought possible for a four or five year old, when he was at those ages.
Also, breastmilk is better than formula, period. Anyone who says differently is either selling formula or putting vanity above information.
Third, I'm sure this mom has either never seen or has herself gotten tired of people posting pics of their kids constantly. There's no one who isn't a direct relative who wants to see endless pictures of someone else's kids. You'll always think your kid is cuter than anyone else does, and there's nothing wrong with that, as it's just nature, but don't think someone else is wrong for not wanting to be blasted with endless pics, because that's just as natural.
Treasure 5 month s ago
Yes to most of this.

No to:

*Chicken nuggets. Just no. They don't belong into a human's digestive tract, especially not into that of a developing human child. Junk food in general. Just no.

*Child photos on social media. There's pedophiles out there. Just don't show your kids to the internet as long as they are not able to consent to it.

* Nr. 22. Loving your kids is NOT 95% of a job well done. I work at an elementary school with a large percentage of single mothers and fathers struggling to make ends meet, and they are always overworked, depressed and barely functioning. They love the sh#t out of their children but are not able to dress them, feed them, keep them healthy or even remotely safe, let alone raise them. Love alone is never enough. Sorry, but reality is harsh. Children require not only your love, but also food, medicine, shelter, clean clothing appropriate for the weather, bedtime, brushed teeth, playtime and homework time.... if you can't provide that, the least you could do is get help ASAP.

*"Your spouse is worth it." I envy the world this mother grew up in that she can make such a broad statement with such certainty.

*"You are a GOOD mom." Again, clearly this woman has never encountered one of the billions of sh#tty moms out there. Which is a blessing for her. But it saddens me that many of those sh#tty moms will read this post and believe they are doing fine, while their children suffer under their incompetence, indifference or outright hostility.



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