Celebrities And Models Look Very Different In Same Outfits… (20 pics)

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Valentino fashion show and Julianne Moore

This actress has always known how to rock the boldest outfits from fashion shows and this sparkling green dress was no exception. The sky-blue earrings with dark tassels the actress wore were an interesting addition to the look.


Givenchy fashion show and Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara wore this black, translucent, lace dress with an unusual hair accessory and looked like a porcelain figurine in it.


Dior fashion show and Charlize Theron

The actress upgraded this runway look by choosing high-heeled stiletto sandals instead of flat ones. This made the whole look even more chic and posh.


Dior fashion show and Natalie Portman

The actress wore the Dior Couture dress with black and gold embroidery and a black bodysuit. Portman added a cape with the names of the female directors who didn’t get an Oscar embroidered on it. This is how she turned an ordinary dress into a statement.


Ralph & Russo fashion show and Penélope Cruz

We have to admit that this couture dress with translucent mesh and fantasy flowers accentuates Cruz’s curves and the actress looks amazing in it.


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Prabal Gurung fashion show and Iman

This “fashion battle” is between 2 models from different generations. Iman, who was a runway sensation back in the ’70s and ’80s, added high-heeled sandals, a massive necklace, and earrings to this look. Who do you think looks the best in this dress?


Ralph Lauren fashion show and Olivia Wilde

The person who decides to wear this red sparkling evening dress has to have the perfect body. That’s why it looks gorgeous on both Bella Hadid, who demonstrated it on the runway, and actress Olivia Wilde.


Versace fashion show and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore this Versace jacket-dress with trousers of a matching tone. As a result, she got a stylish suit that accentuates her décolleté area.


Valentino fashion show and Meryl Streep

The actress’s look is different from the one demonstrated on the runway. Meryl Streep ditched the cross-body bag and replaced the black clutch with a white one.

Marchesa fashion show and Heidi Klum

This layered dress looks beautiful on both the runway and the red carpet. And we have to admit that Heidi Klum looks very beautiful and natural rocking this fairytale look.



Chanel fashion show and Blake Lively

This jumpsuit in the houndstooth pattern looks different on the actress than it does on the model. Lively accentuated her décolleté area and attracted attention to her waist with a chain belt.


Gucci fashion show and Rihanna

This outfit looks bodacious both on the model and on the singer. But it’s probably for the best that Rihanna decided not to wear the peculiar headdress.


Ulyana Sergeenko fashion show and Zoe Saldana

This spectacular dress made by a Russian designer is so self-sufficient that it looks gorgeous without any accessories. All the actress Zoe Saldana had to do was add a pair of chic heels.


Versace fashion show and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga almost completely copied the runway look. We think that this sporty-chic style looks gorgeous on both women.


Louis Vuitton fashion show and Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams’ dress was created just for her by the Louis Vuitton fashion brand. It took 156 hours to make and the 2020 Spring/Summer collection as portrayed above served as a source of inspiration for it.



Valentino fashion show and Kristen Wiig

Stylists describe Kristen Wiig’s look for the 2020 Oscars as controversial and not-so-gorgeous. But at least she didn’t choose the same earrings as the model.


Giorgio Armani fashion show and Naomi Watts

A sparkling dress that accentuates the curves is a traditional Hollywood red carpet look. And Naomi Watts looks flawless in this dress along with her golden curls and red lipstick.


Valentino fashion show and Julianne Moore

This gorgeous Valentino dress doesn’t require any accessories and suits Julianne Moore really well.


Givenchy fashion show and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie decided not to attract attention to her décolleté area with a massive necklace — but with the exception of this small detail, she completely recreated the look. We think that the actress looks stunning in this top boasting various shades of purple. What do you think?


Bonus: Margot Robbie attended the 2020 Oscars wearing a vintage Chanel dress from the 1994 collection.

The actress and her stylist decided a long time before the ceremony that she’d wear a vintage dress on the red carpet and found inspiration in the 1994 Chanel collection. This dress looks very similar to the one that Claudia Schiffer wore on the runway. But this is a different dress that was made especially for Margot. The rest of the dress’s elements like the seemingly detached sleeves that were decorated with bows, the brooch with round lapis lazuli, and the deep blue fabric all stayed the same.


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