Extremely Lucky Finds From Thrift Stores (30 pics)

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I Did Not Need A Cookie Jar But There Was No Walking Away From This Silly Gal. A Good Friend Recommended I Make Her A Tutu, So I Did, Of Course. Now The Hippo Has A Name - Stella - And Has Taken Over The House

I Am An Animator And In 1987 I Animated Super Mario Brothers 3 And Well... Then This Happened Today!

I Found This Little Birb Thimble At An Antique Store In Gatlinburg And Fell In Love. Now I Just Walk Around With It On My Finger And Peck At People Because I’m Clearly An Adult That Has Their Priorities Straight

Duckie Mirror Absolutely Came Home With Me

While Cleaning Out A Old Farmhouse My Girlfriend And I Found A Trunk Full Of Early 1900's Clothing. This Dress Was On The Bottom And In The Best Shape

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Regret Not Buying This

I Asked The Price. The Man Said $20. I Was Shocked. I Thought He Meant $120. He Told Me He’d Gladly Accept More, So I Threw The $20 At Him And Ran. No Joke, I Literally Ran Away With This Beauty Like I Stole It

We Have A Grumpy Kitten That My Son Named Gracie. We Found This Little 4 Poster Blue Velvet Bed For Our Princess At A Store In Collingwood Ontario For A Great Marked Down Price From Its Original Cost. Needless To Say, Our Grumpy Gracie Loves Her New Bed. She Is Ameowsed With It

As I Walked Through The Aisles On My Weekly Hunt, I Was Expecting Nothing. I Turned The Corner, & There It Was. I Saw The Eyes Staring Back At Me, As If To Say, "Why Am I Here? " As I Pulled It Off The Rack, & Caressed The Cotton/ Spandex Blend, I Whispered Back, "I Don't Know... But You're Safe Now

Found This Amazing "Phrenology Cat". Immediately Fell In Love And Knew He Had To Come Home And Be Part Of My Eclectic Mix In My Art Studio!


Y'all, I Am About To Go Full On Dolores Umbridge In My Living Room! Found At Goodwill In Ne Ohio

Went To Thrift For Dresses, Came Home With A Mini Cast Iron Stove

I Found A Chaise Lounge At Good Will For My Cat! She Almost Fits

Last Weekend, As I'm Going Into This Antique Store On A Whim, I Jokingly Tell Myself "Maybe There's A Lenox Spice Village In Here Just Waiting For Me To Take It Home."

My 100% Thrifted Push Pinned Tape Wall. I Collected Just Over 4,000 Cassette Tapes To Put This Wall Up In My Studio For My Grand Opening


I Am One Of The Many Hundreds Of People Who Have Lost Their Homes In The Australian Bushfires

I’m A Boudoir Photographer In Indiana And I Made The 4 Hour Drive For These Beauties

Found At Savers In Wisconsin, You Bet Your Ass I Bought It. Also Promptly Put It On My Cat

Got This Unusual Lightbulb As Bonus To A $5 Lamp At Value Village In Fairbanks

Some Good Advice Found At The Goodwill In Port Orchard, Wa


Because Who Doesn't Want An Underwear Purse. These Did Not Come Home With Me. Lol Found At The Montgomery Antique Mall In Fort Worth Tx

This Was And Is My Favorite 2nd Hand Find

Socks I Found At Goodwill, It’s Literally My Dog!! Who Gets Rid Of Socks They Put Their Dog On? Such An Amazing Find! A Whole 3.99

Sometimes You Just Know A Good Thing When You See It

Told My Kids I Wasn’t Buying Them Anything Today, But Then My Boy Found This Homemade Mask The Was Assembled And Painted From Various Parts And Painted. For $4 I Folded


Y’all Wanna See My Adorable French Bulldog On A Tiny Thrifted Victorian Sofa, Yes? The Moment I Brought It Home, He Knew It Was His

Look At This Crazy Purse I Found At Goodwill Brand New For 5 Bucks! It's Bendy And Reflective!

I Found This Beautiful Unicorn Braclet At A Thrift Store. I Love It Everyone Else Thinks Its Ugly

Trying To Find A Dress For Lez Prom In Austin And I Found This Sequined Monstrosity

Found This Poor Guy Stressing About The Prom! Stoughton Wi-Goodwill


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Child 1 year ago
They do love garbage. Good for 'em.
Martial 1 year ago
#5 Are those vintage cum stains?




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