And What Is That, Exactly? (20 pics)

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Accidentally found hidden under some ivy on the side of the road in a rural part of the Czech Republic

Those stones were erected on places of murders and violent deaths to reconcile with the dead.


US Navy optical device possible WW2?

“Type A” Metascope used from 1942-43


Found on a grave. In Louisiana

It’s a Masonic subgroup called Order of the Eastern Star


Found this in a bag of junk jewelry from a family friend. Nothing on back

It has to do with testing wells. A subterranean isotope sensor.


Weird crystal substance around light fixture

Urea crystals. Something is living in the ceiling above that light and pissing on it.


Izismile Video Collection

Found this in my couch cushions.. friends have no idea. What is this?! There’s two of them (the clear plastic is a magnet you can pull off the back)

That’s a replica of the web shooters from the first Amazing spiderman movie


Apparently even museum staff didn’t know what this was. Found in a museum in Manitoba, Canada. Looks like it is maybe leatherwork related? Thanks all!

It is a needle punch tool for making rugs.


This for storing donuts…? But seriously, found this at a Salvation Army. What is it?!

Chao zhu box (a type of necklace).


It’s an electric duck, but why? It has a two-prong chord that says “electricord”, but it doesn’t warm up, doesn’t have audio holes, doesn’t move….any ideas? We work at a thrift store, help!

Switch for a ‘touch lamp’


Found in an old barn tear down wedged between stairs. Weighs about half ounce.

One of those pocket angel trinkets that people carry around



Im into metal detecting in México and I found this, about 4.5 inches, quarter for scale

Marlin spike. Used for tying, tightening and loosening knots.


Live in Putnam County, Tennessee and cleaning up other people’s lives from my yard after the tornado so I have no context for this. Not very heavy, maybe aluminum.

Antique galvanized water well


Found on Pensacola beach, about the size of a quarter. Round but flat on the bottom, which is what is pictured.

That’s a sea potato


Someone left this under my windshield wiper last night, looks like a whistle to me but it unscrews so I’m not sure

Nicotine inhaler.


Went to get a 6 pack ran into a friend. His super drunk buddy handed me this and mumbled something about “this can save your life in a tough spot take it man” and something about a breakaway? Didn’t want a 4 hour conversation so just said thanks and took it. What is it?

Looks like a climbing sling tube.


Posted in a local Freecycle-type group. Owner found it in their cellar and has no idea what it is.

it’s a vase missing the glass insert.


On the roof of a house, it’s big

Zombie werewolf Halloween decoration


Some guy had hundreds of them in a little velvet bag, they are plastic.

it’s from those weird needle board toys where you put ur hand in it and it molds around your hand or other object you use


This lock in the backs of dutch train seats

The lock can be used to operate the elevator at the end of the corridor.


I was hand washing some of my bras in the sink and when I took them out, I found this piece of plastic. It says “smartrac” and has a number on it. These are all bras I’ve had for a while and I’ve never seen this before. Any idea what it is?

This is an RFID, it can have data stored on it and or be magnetic.


Something 5 month s ago
# 20 Obviously your tits are being followed.
Shark 5 month s ago
#20 RFID chips are used by stores to keep track of inventory without having to locate the actual item. They scan the area of the store using a hand held RFID emitter and detector.



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