Now That’s Really Cool! (51 pics)

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“This guy I met at the grocery store had his pet turkey with him.”

“World war bayonet under the asphalt while at work on a football (soccer) ground.”

“The way this branch fell around this car.”

This clock with words only.

“The way this drop of water landed perfectly in my O key.”

Izismile Video Collection

“Bit of fluff on my bed looks like a person running up a hill.”

“This wood grain on my desk that looks like a dog.”

“This key I found laying next to a tree in a park.”

“I’m making personalized coasters of all my coworkers’ brain scans.”

“My great great uncle carved mushrooms.”


“Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you.”

“These doves walking by the window sill looks like they’re giant.”

“My Granddad’s identity card from when he was a prisoner of war in Guernsey during WWII.”

“Almost tripped over this large eel that choked on a fish, died and then washed ashore in Mexico.”

“My cactus has grown a strange looking flower.”

“The Shadow on my brother’s glass lines up perfectly with the coaster.”

“This splash of water on the ground that looks like a dragon in flight.”

“My gum had “post chew wraps” to throw away your gum in.”

This tree has grown round the railing.

“The pattern these overlapping meshes make.”

“This house has a guard turkey.”

“A house near me has birds on the brickwork and the one has a single brick sticking out as it’s beak.”

“Monks are included on priority seating signs in Thailand.”

“This book bag I bought at Comic Con today glows with flash photography.”

“The shadow of this light post stopped the snow from melting.”

“Spilled a drink and the picture from the monitor reflected perfectly in it. It seems like she’s laughing at my failure.”

The place where a black beach, a yellow river, a green field, and a blue sea meet.

“My daughter found the largest blackberry I’ve ever seen.”

“My wife and I found this huge see-through leaf on a hike.”

“I found these crystals at the bottom of a bottle of maple syrup that sat in the back of my refrigerator for a few years.”

“My parents’ cat has a half and half face. The color of her gums are also half and half, as well as the pads of her feet!”

There is a tiny plant growing out of a broken leaf of a bigger succulent.

An ice cave of the Argentinean Patagonia.

“I have a condition called distichiasis that causes my eyelashes to grow in multiple rows.”

What to believe: the shadow or the reality? 

“My cat has a hidden birthmark inside his mouth.”

No, no one painted this tree trunk. It is called a rainbow eucalyptus.

Someone walked on the freshly fallen snow and then the strong wind blew and left only the pressed traces from the boots.

“My hibiscus changes color as it blooms. This is the same flower, photographed at 8:30 AM (pink), 11:30 AM (orange), and 4:30 PM (yellow).”

The Forest Huntress | By Anna and the Willow

Ex-Skinhead Gets His Racist Tattoos Removed After Becoming A Dad.

This rhino sculpture made from drift wood.

“A painting I found while browsing the web.”

“Arnold meet... uh Arnold?”

“I kept my telescope pointed at the Elephant's Trunk nebula for almost 23 hours to capture and create this image. It was selected as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.”

This albino moose.

A magical island topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery, the Mont-Saint-Michel counts among France’s most stunning sights.

The Willamette Meteorite is the largest meteorite found in North America and the sixth largest in the world. It weighs about 15 tons and is most famously known for mysteriously having no impact crater at the discovery site.

Hypodermic needle, viper fang, spider fang, and the stinger of a scorpion.


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Harmless 4 month s ago
#15 One of the many Stapelias. They all have some pretty unusual looking flowers.



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