How People See Their Loved Ones During Quarantine (30 pics)

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Three Generations Of Social Distancing As My Dad Meets His Grandson For The First Time

Husband And Wife On First Line Of Defense Against Coronavirus. Finally Meet For Couple Minutes

I'm Gonna Cry

This Is Sad My Mom Is In The Nursing Home Rehab For A Femur Fracture And This Is How My Dad And Her Get To Spend Time Together! They Are In Their 90’s And Can’t Hold Hands

Baby Ollie Met His Grandparents For The First Time

Izismile Video Collection

A Resident’s Granddaughter Tells Her Grandfather That She’s Engaged! Emotional And Memorable, For Sure

Husband Visits Wife Daily Through Nursing Home Window And They Sing Their Favorite Songs Together

My Assisted Living Is On Lockdown So He Comes Every Day To See His Dad And They Talk Through The Phone, Sweetest Thing Ever

Well We Went And Surprised My Mom And Saw Her Through The Window. She Was Full Of Emotions

100 Years Old Today And The Nursing Home Is On Coronavirus Lockdown So They Sang To Her From Outside


Husband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside Wife’s Nursing HomeHusband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside Wife’s Nursing Home

Shout Out To My Sister For Singing Happy Birthday To Me While I’m Self Quarantined. Here’s To 28

Covid-19 Can’t Keep True Love Apart... One Of Our Sweet Couples That Have Been Married For 54 Years, Visiting Through Her Room Window! So Precious!

There’s Nothing Much More Precious Than This Mother Daughter Duo

When My Grandpa Found Out His Nursing Home Wasn’t Allowed Visitors, He Told My Mom That He Was Upset He Wouldn’t Get To See His Great Grandkids. We Made That Happen

Both him and my grandma’s faces lit up when we called outside their window. Never thought I’d stand outside the window and have to call my grandparents, but here we are. Blessed for every day we get with them


Another Cherished Moment Between A Father, Daughter And Granddaughter! Thankful For Sweet Moments Like These

A Patient’s Daughter Writing Messages To Her Mom During The Visitor Ban Amidst The Corona Outbreak

Grandchildren Reading To Their Great Grandmother Through The Window Of Her Nursing Home

Family Members Embraced Creative Communication Methods To Wish Mr. Ryan The Happiest Birthday

Ok, Cue All The Tears... Colt Went To See Nana Today At The Nursing Home. They Won't Allow Any Visitors So We Called Her On The Phone And Stood Outside Her Window

My Son And My Stepfather Visited My Mom Today. This Is The Way To Make Her Smile!! Mom Is On Antibiotics And A Nebulizer For Pneumonia. She Is Having A Better Day

When Great Grandma Turns 93 On St Pattys Day And The Nursing Home Won’t Let You In... You Surprise Her At The Window With As Much Green As Possible

Looking For And Documenting All The Precious Moments We Can! Thankful For Our Families And Their Patience At This Time

Sweet Weekend Visits. We Are Thrilled To See So Much Interaction

Betty Was So Excited To See Her Daughter Out The Window This Morning, Even In The Rain. They Talked Over The Phone

My Parents Looking At Each Other's Thru The Window Of The Nursing Home Where My Dad Is

The Nursing Home Residents Enjoying Window Visits With Family And Sending Virtual Updates To Their Loved Ones

A Wonderful Surprise To One Of Our Residents This Morning! No Matter The Issues We’re All Facing Right Now, It’s The Little Things Like This That Can Brighten Any Day

We Enjoyed Our Window Visit With Buzz Today. Thank You So Much For Coming

Checked In On Grandma Through The Window. She Is Being A Trooper Being On Lockdown Along With All The Other Residents At The Nursing Home


Action 4 month s ago
Stay home.
Faster 4 month s ago
I know this is meant to be "cute" but visiting loved ones and basically making out with windows is not a good message. Stay indoors, and find another way to get your insta-likes, people...



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