Mesmerizing Facts About Mila Kunis (8 pics + 17 gifs)

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The doe-eyed goddess Mila Kunis is a talented actress with an incredibly interesting background, so learn all about her!


Milena Markovna Kunis, known as Mila Kunis, was born on August 14, 1983 in Chernivtsi, Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet Union.


In 1991, her family moved from Soviet Ukraine to Los Angeles when Mila was just 7 years old.


Her mother, Elvira, is a physics teacher and her father, Mark is a mechanical engineer. Mila also has an older brother, Micheal, who is a biochemist.


After the move, Kunis had a hard time adjusting the culture and life in America. She used The Price is Right to learn English.


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Her nickname is “Goldfish” because of her short attention span.


Kunis was only 14 when she auditioned for her role on That 70’s Show. All actors had to be 18, so she lied about her age during the audition. The producers loved her so much that they made an exception for her age.


Mila’s first kiss was actually onscreen with Ashton Kutcher. All those years ago nobody knew the actors would fall in love, get married, and end up having kids together.


As the youngest cast member, Kunis experienced more than one first on the set of That 70’s Show.

Wilmer Valderrama (Fez) taught her how to drive, while Danny Masterson (Hyde) took her to prom and bought Mila her first drink.


Mila has one brown eye and one hazel eye, a condition known as heterochromia.



The actress has uses her time on sets to learn interesting new skills. Chuck Norris taught Kunis to throw a punch while filming an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger and she learned how to shot a gun on the set of Max Payne. Kunis also learned to surf while filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in Hawaii.


Her native language is Russian, which she still speaks with her family on a regular basis.


Mila Kunis was in an eight-year relationship with Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin from 2002-2010.

Culkin was very close with Michael Jackson and is the godfather of his children. Mila spent a lot of time around Jackson and attended his private funeral with Culkin.


Kunis is absolutely terrified of bugs. She hates them so much that she ran off stage immediately after and interview on Late Night with Conan O’Brien because the “Bug Man” was coming on next.


Kunis read for the part of Meg Griffin on Family Guy three times before landing the voice role. She was told to slow down her speech and enunciate her words, which helped her get the gig.


Mila started taking acting classes after school when she was just 9 years old. She never thought anything would come from it, but an agent discovered her at a public showcase and she landed her first job in a Barbie commercial shortly after.


Mila didn’t even audition for Black Swan, as Natalie Portman referred her for the part.


To prepare for her role in Black Swan, Mila went on a strict diet, lost 20 pounds, and took ballet lessons for 4 hours a day.

She sustained several injuries while shooting, including a torn ligament and dislocated shoulder.


The first book she read in English was Return to Oz and credits The Wizard of Oz as her favorite movie. It must’ve been great to star in Oz the Great and Powerful back in 2013!


Kunis loves World of Warcraft so much that she deleted it from her computer, saying she was too addicted.


The actress doesn’t like doing nude scenes and had a body double for movies including Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Friends with Benefits.


Kunis is a Trekkie. She’s admitted to being a sci-fi nerd and says she prefers Star Trek over Star Wars.


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher remained friends over the years, and found their way to each other after he divorced Demi Moore. The pair got married in 2015 and have a son and daughter together.


Before landing her role on That 70’s Show, Kunis appeared in 15 commercials and had small parts on shows including Days Of Our Lives, Baywatch and 7th Heaven.



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