Guy Finds A Quarantine Date Using His Drone (23 pics + 2 videos)

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Jeremy himself

Jeremy told us what’s it been like for him the in quarantine: “I’m all cooped up in my apartment alone, so its definitely different than my normal life of being out and about all the time (there’s so much to do in NYC!) For now, I’m taking it day by day.” Well, thankfully he found something to occupy his mind during these hard times.


He noticed a girl dancing on the roof of the building next to his home

“I looked out my window and saw this girl dancing, perhaps to a TikTok song? I needed to say ‘Hi’ to her.”

He waved at her and she waved back

“So I waved to her on my balcony and she waved back.”


Izismile Video Collection

Tori⁠—the girl from the roof

He took his drone

Attached a piece of paper to it

“I grabbed my tape, pen, drone, and paper. Then I wrote down my digits and sealed them on my drone. Flirting is normally daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for a week now, I was screaming for social interaction.”


With his number and “text me” written on it

He sent it out

Tori was really surprised

“2020 has been off to a terrible start, but I still needed to shoot my shot. She picked up my drone and I guess it worked because I got a text from her an hour later.”

And after a few moments texted him!

The next day, Jeremy decided to ask her out. However, Tori wondered how that would work

“I still can’t believe this happened the other day. Now it’s time for part two. I asked her out for dinner, but she said ‘How?'”



30 minutes before the date, Jeremy and Tori’s roommate organized the whole thing

“I sneakily coordinated with her roommate earlier to set it up.”


Jeremy sat in his balcony and Tori on the roof, following the rules of social distancing

“5 PM hits. It was time for our date. Wait, where is she? Just kidding. We follow the rules. I waved down at the balcony, she waved back.”


Since Jeremy’s a professional photographer, he took some pictures of her

He still wanted to be a gentleman

“I told her she looked beautiful. So we got on FaceTime and ate our matching organic, microwaved single dinners together.”

Jeremy told his friends that everything is going great

“The date was going so well and depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I might be in a long-distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me. I excused myself to the bathroom. Of course, I didn’t have to go, I just wanted to tell my group chat how well this was going.”

We asked Jeremy how’s it going with Tory now, he said: “So far so good, we had our first date two days ago which went super well. Going on our second date soon. Its a little strange with all the pressure of everyone watching compared to a normal date, but I think I can handle it!”


We will be waiting for part 3 of this romantic quarantine adventure!

“I think it’s time to take his relationship to the next level.” When asked what are his plans for part 3, all he could say was: ” I don’t think anyone is going to expect it, even Tori. Its a surprise for her just like the last date.”


Part one

The video went viral on TikTok, so we asked how did this sudden fame affect Jeremy’s life: “In a positive way! It makes me feel good to know people are rooting for me, but more importantly, it gives something for people to believe in during these strange and dark times. If this story brings joy to people, then It brings joy to me.”


Part two

“I don’t think I would of been capable of doing any of this without my mom, Eva Grayzel, who taught me the power of storytelling. She’s a motivational speaker, storyteller and stage 4 cancer survivor. Without her, I don’t think I would have my optimistic outlook on life to do things like this in times like this”



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