You Really Need Some Adopted Pet Photos Right Now (40 pics)

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Adopted Coco The Ginger And Came Back A Week Later To Get Her Brother Tux As We Couldn't Bare To Leave Him Behind. They Are The Best Of Friends!

I Didn’t Know Cats Could Have Such A Wide Range Of Emotion Until I Adopted Leonardo Dicatprio

Wife Wanted A Cat. I Said No, So We Compromised And Got A One Eyed Cat

Shelter Dog Cannot Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

Lots Of Strange Things Happening In The World Lately. Adopted This Rescue Kitty Today To Help Make Both Our Lives Better

Izismile Video Collection

I Think I Adopted A Vampire

My GF Wanted To Adopt A Kitten, I Said Not Now. As Compromise Here's The Kitten

My Grandmother (87) With Her Newly Adopted Senior Peanut (14) On Their Way Home From Foster Care Today

Harvey’s Skinny Body Was Found Abandoned In A Ditch, Soaking Wet, And Dotted With Cigarette Burns. He Was Infested With Fleas, Anemic, And Starving. One Look At His Little Face And I Knew Had To Adopt Him. Fast Forward 5 Years, He’s Now A Confident, Happy, Healthy Boi With A Career In Modelling

Just Adopted This Handsome Boy Yesterday

Can’t Have Kids, So I Adopted

Just Adopted Cotton! Her Favourite Hobbies Are Cosplaying As Plants And Taking Naps In Random Places

Signing Over The Adoption Papers Today For My New Baby, Moo. Any And All Tips And Advice Are Welcome!

My Mom Adopted An Outdoor Cat After It Gave Birth To Some Kittens And Wanted To Give It Some Shelter

I Adopted 2 Kittens Last Week. After Many Days Of Not Seeing Them, I Woke Up To This Today


Found Him On A Beach In Russia. Brought Him Back Home To The States. He Adopted Me

3 Years Ago I Adopted This Old Guy. Today He’s 14 And Doing Better Than Ever

This Good Boi Showed Up One Year Ago Tonight. He Rescued Us As Much As He Was Rescued

Adopted My “End Of The World” Team Yesterday. Shelters Are Struggling And I Was Lonely Anyway

My Rescue Boy Strawberry Flashing His Beautiful (Don't Tell Him Otherwise) Camera Ready Smile

Chewy, The Recently Adopted Unit From The Nebraska Humane Society

Just Adopted This Sweet Girl. Best Decision I’ve Made In A While

Today I Rescued This Littly Beauty, She Drive With Me For 1,5 Hours Like This. I Think She Knows Shes Going To Her Forever Home

Please Keep This Boy In Your Thoughts Tomorrow, He's Meeting His Potential Adoption Family!

Moose was adopted and gets to live with an older couple who will have tons of time to spend with him and a lake to take him out on!


Saw These Two Boys Up For Adoption At The Local Pet Supply Store. Their Names Are Honda And Civic

My Brother's Rescues, Addie & Chase

We Have Adopted Bud

My Little Rescue, Lilith, Got To Play Outside For The First Time Today!

Sonny Is A Rescue From A Bad Owner. He Has A Lot Of Health Problems But He’s Very Proud Of His Remaining Tooth!

My Friends Recently Adopted Pup

Last Week Was The Purrrfect Time To Adopt A Kitten. She Sends You Teeny Kisses

Adoption Day! 9 Yr Old Good Boy Zak, We’re Gonna Make Sure Your Last Years Are Your Best

Just Adopted My First Rats Last Week. It’s So Great Seeing Them Come Out Of Their Shells

I Adopted This Handsome Boy A Week Ago... Look At That Beautifully Executed Front Curl!

Meet Finn! He’s Making Social Distancing A Little Easier :)

Our Newly Adopted Incorgnito (We Think Corgi/Cavalier King Charles). Meet Riley!

Just Adopted This Pupper From A Shelter, Although This Is Cute I'm Teaching Her Not To Jump On Counters

The Nypd Rescued This Large Bunny!

Two Years After Adoption And Still Getting Floofier By The Day

Our Newly Adopted Dog “Mello” Hides Under The Table



Pants 8 month s ago
Too cute :)
Serena 3 month s ago
Hope all these lovely people got help from their new pets in lockdown.



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