Nostalgic Toys Are Pretty Expensive Nowadays… (67 pics)

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Childhood fun and 90s nostalgia, these memories are now worth a lot of money.

To keep it interesting, I mixed-up the $ values (some are affordable others are strictly for serious collectors).

Hope the list gives ya some chuckles.

Transformers in the 90s

Let’s use the 1991 “Optimus Prime” as a frame of reference for “Values” on these toys.

It comes down to ONE question:

To play with the toys OR leave them in the box for 30-years?

When it came to Transformers, I say “play”.

If you do and don’t loose any of the little parts (plastic guns)…

Izismile Video Collection

…then you could make a few bucks on our friendly Optimus Prime.

Value = $190

Flip-side, leave him in the box.

1991 “Autobot Leader” Optimus Prime

-Unopened box

-Certified near Mint condition

Value = $2,580

“Harry Potter” First Edition Books = ???

Their values will have you flipping to copyright page…

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

-American version

-Hardcover First Edition

Copyright page with print line:

“1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 8 9/9 0/0 01 02”

Value = $6,500

Hot Wheels “Collector Number 271”

-Blue color Funny Car

-Year 1995

-Never opened package

-It’s the rarest of the 90s Hot Wheels with many fake ones floating around. Only 7 have been authenticated as “real”.

Value = $3,500

Garbage Pail Kids – collection

Pricing on large sets of toys/cards is also tough, but ONE thing will greatly increases the final sale price…

…get a Certified value on the EXPENSIVE cards.


This kick-A collection got an expert to verify and tadda, Value = $5,000

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

-Cardboard cut-out

Value = $70

Beanie Baby pure MADNESS

Anyone remember the collectors estimating “you’ve gotta be kidding me” future values of these little teddy bears?

Let’s start with the “COMMEMORATIVE” tribute…and probably the most famous of them all, the 1997 purple “Princess Diana”

Value = $10,000

Few Beanie Babies have even come close to the predicted future prices but there is another rare Beanie Baby that crushes that mere 10-thousand dollar price tag. (Funny story for later in the post)

Pokémon “Charizard” card

-1999 First Edition

Value = $11,000+

Photo above is the rare Charizard version with a Holographic over-lay…bringing the value up to $20,000.

Original Nintendo Gameboy

-Tetris game

-Headphones / Link

-Instruction manual

-Opened box

Value = 175

LEGO Star Wars

“X-Wing Fighter”

-Opened box

Value = 250

“Ewok Village” kit

-Never opened

-Near perfect quality

Value = $420

Specialty “Yu-Gi-Oh!” cards “

Doomcaliber Knight”

Value = $700

“Dark Magician Girl”

Value = $1,100

Pictured ABOVE “Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn”

Value = $1,900

McDonald’s “Changeable” toys

Remember the plastic fries-to-robots at the bottom of your Happy Meal?

Individual – “Transformer”-like toys in good condition go for $20

Full collection of a “Changeable” toy Series

Value = $140

Don’t hate on McDs.

Nothing better than peeling the skin off a McNugget and dunking ‘em in sweet-n-sour sauce.

Barbie “Pink Splendor”

Value = $1,000

Baseball Cards

Ken Griffey #336


-1990 Mint condition

Value = $415

Yes, his 1989 Upper Deck “Star Rookie” is a little more valuable with Mint condition

Value = $661

However, here’s a “did NOT see that coming”…

Topps USA “George Bush”

-Original 1990

-Certified near Mint

Value = 150,000


What a game.

-with box and Instructions

1994 Sega Genesis = $750

Super NES = $1,000+

Rare creepy-eyed FURBY(s)

“Kids Cuisine” Furby

-Unopened original box

Value = $520

“Special Furby Angel”

-Limited Edition

-Unopened original box

Value = $800

Sadly, that poor droopy eyed Angel looses about $300 in value without the box.

More Mighty Morphing Power Ranger fun with the “Green Dragon Dagger”

-1994 in good condition

-No box

Value = $75

“Super Mario Bros.” sold separately (1985 but close enough in my mind)

This classic game was part a “bundle” when most parents purchased the Nintendo Entertainment System

-Game NOT in NES bundle


Seller Drew Steimel got lucky.

Steimel continued:

“I only put it out at a penny” on eBay. “

The last minute it started climbing up…and then in the last 10-seconds it went from $6,000 to $30,000, and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

Value = same copy re-sold for $30,100.44

Gotta love Toy Story Big collection from 1995

-Clean but “SUPER SONIC BUZZ LIGHTYEAR” has been put through the ringer

Value =$235

Toy Story “Talking Woody”


-Never opened box

Value = $325


-Never opened Boxes

Value = $700

Magic: The Gathering “Power Nine”

-Complete set

-Expensive authenticated cards encased

Value = $36,000

Disney ”Black Diamond” VHS collection

-Opened package and “good” condition

1992 “Pinocchio”

Value = $2,000

”Black Diamond” VHS collection

-Never opened/original plastic seal

Set of 5 currently on eBay = $4,275

I think there are a total of 14 “Black Diamond” videos from the 90s.

And the most expensiveVHS of them all is from 1993’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Value = $3,000

1st series Garbage Pail Kids

-Near Mint condition

“Adam Bomb”

Value = 12,950

“Nasti Nick Bukimi Kun”

Value = $15,000

Easy-Bake Oven

-1992 version

-Full set and Box

Value = $450

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

-British version

-Hardcover First Edition

Copyright page with print line: “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”

How much is it going to pay?????

Buyers fork-out $55,000

Pokémon “Pikachu Illustrator” card

A normal version of this card

Sold for $54,970.

However, this version of the same card has been authenticated by PSA as a 9 MINT. Apparently, it is the “THE HOLY GRAIL” of Pokémon cards.

Value = 2,000,000 freakin’ Dollars

WTF*ck Pikachu?

“Yes, I know…it’s on my shoulder”.

And whoever Pokémon is, he/she/it can “blow me too”.

1993 “Valentino” error

Look close at the Beanie Baby pictured ABOVE then BELOW.

One of them sells for a couple thousand dollars…

…and the other has an estimated value that is mind-blowingly high.

Just one difference between bear ABOVE, that sells for around = $2-3,000.

This “Valentino” had a small production error.

It’s got a BROWN nose

And Value estimated = $43,000

Honestly, the cheapest toys are my personal FAVORITE MEMORIES.

…sure enough, the 1990 “Hotcakes-o-dactyl”


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There's a huge difference between "for sale for..." and "sold for..."
Everyday 9 month s ago
black diamond disney movies are a scam. they are way more common than people think.



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