Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff (14 pics)

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One nurse couldn’t stand people telling medical professionals to “stop complaining,” so she posted her thoughts online about how they didn’t sign up for this

1 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
2 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
3 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
4 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
5 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff

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6 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
7 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
8 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
9 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
10 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
11 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
12 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
13 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff
14 Nurse Breaks Down About All Of The Coronavirus Stuff

While some Imgurians supported the message of TurtMaGurt3’s post, others said that medical professionals did sign up for this and similar situations and compared them to “soldiers in a different war” who have to do their duty whatever comes their way.

Though the reactions to TurtMaGurt3’s post were mixed, you can’t deny that it started up a discussion online, especially with over 9k upvotes, as well as more than 184k views.

The Imgurian is far from the only medical professional (whether fresh out of medical school or a seasoned veteran) to point out just how untypical and stressful the current situation is. For instance, a New York City emergency room nurse with 12 years of experience told the BBC that there is a shortage of equipment to take care of patients.

She revealed to the BBC that doctors and nurses are being rationed personal protective equipment (or PPE for short). “We’re getting one N-95 mask and we’re having to reuse it for five shifts.”

“Before this pandemic, you were never to reuse this equipment. It was one-time use and it was thrown out. It was discarded. Now we are being told to use it for our shift, put it in a paper bag and save it for the next shift. After five shifts, we turn it in and we’ll get a new one. We’re running out of basic supplies because all of our patients are requiring so much,” she said.

Whether you believe that doctors and nurses did or didn’t sign up for this, it’s obvious that it’s difficult and dangerous for them to do their jobs while some are lacking basic equipment. So if you know any medical professionals in your life, send them your love and support. They need it right now.



Driving 11 month s ago
... we just followed orders - anyone at Nuremberg Tribunal.
You were, are, and will be part of the $y$tem.
You , never said anything in the past when you refused to accept indigent patients.
You didn't do nothing about stock supplies, or you expecting members of the general public to be versed in intricacies of hospital logistics?
You were hell-bent on providing services at the highest cost possible.
so you did signed up for this when your paycheck was coming, and now its time for a payback. For your ignorance, incompetence, greed and complacency in general.
So do your job and stop beatching.
Bride 11 month s ago
I was in the hospital about 10 years ago for a serious but not life threatening condition. I shared a room with another guy maybe 10 years older than me. I think he had cancer though I never asked. His bowels weren’t working - but every once in awhile he would have an explosive bowel movement and the nurses would have to come in and clean him up. They would tell me “you might want to leave” (because of the fowl stench). It was then I realized that nurses are special people. They were always kind and patient even when dealing with a disgusting issue. I remember thinking - what would we do without them? So in my mind, nurses are not just another hospital employee - they are like earth bound angels that help us in our time of health needs. May God bless the nurses.
CookieDevourer 11 month s ago
"didn’t sign up for this" - sure, you like it only when it's easy and payed well... you knew very well that by becoming a nurse/doctor you will face hard times. Suck it up and do what you swore to do
House 11 month s ago
To the guy that wrote the post CookieDevourer - when you grow up and your testicles finally rest in the right place you may think differently. Many nurses are not "paid" well but they are front line and don't carry the kudos (or egos) of doctors. You're just just trolling I know but you're a [email protected]#k nonetheless!
Domestic 11 month s ago
... tell that story to the girl who does the same, but employed through the temp agency, for minimal wage without benefits and bonuses, day and/or night with geriatric's services most of her life and ends up with no means to support herself, because some highly paid medical professionals were busy playing politics and stock market.
2012 11 month s ago
Jeez, I hope you lot get the nurse from hell when you're at your most vulnerable girl_devil
Skeleton 11 month s ago
asking nicely for proper PPE, while it is being held for a bigger profit is bullsh#t. one day notice--- get the PPE here or DON'T REPORT FOR WORK.....
Water 11 month s ago

I guess he didn't get any nurse at all? Isn't he? and how many more?
Jump 11 month s ago
We signed up to treat the unwell and the sick. It’s true - it’s some sort of war and we are the ones fighting it while others just sit at home and disrespect us healthcare workers. That’s the sad story that we get confronted with every day. And all arguments about payment.... I work 60-70h per week - at the moment more. Do 24h shifts without breaks or sleep and earn about 3500€ per month. You think that’s fair if you break it down to €/h ?
I’m a trauma surgeon. I know what I signed up for, I love my job, I am there for patients.... but please don’t tell me about war, money or sh#t like that without ever working in healthcare.
Shout out to all doctors and nurses out there. Hold your head up high
Visit 11 month s ago
Do the all-nighter on the tower at 160ft, in the ice storm, with 3-5 in of ice day after day year after year. So you can play your games and yap on the FB. But for some reason you don't see none of the tower hands, electricians and others b*tching about anything. So once again you made your choice, hoping for the $$$. We also work same hours, we got paid much less and yes 24 hr shits is not unusual occurrences.
Since you trauma surgeon - once again why you were turning people down with broken limbs because their insurance is not accepted in your commerical hospital.
Just in case you forgot its capitalism, in the nutshell capitalism is exchange of the monies for the services or goods. Monies is quantified labor. So if you charging exuberant prices, which we must pay or die - literally, then you need to stop beatching and start doing your job, quietly and efficiently. So far humming refrigerated trailers used as morgues clearly indicate that you are not doing your job. Period.
Action 11 month s ago
First 11 month s ago
so, if you fail to provide services in exchange for the monies - as you admitted, why families still receiving medical bills even after death? Appropriate tools for a trade is your responsibility, not ours. If you spent all the monies on something else viz. commercials, political contributions, bonuses etc. Why are you complaining now? Obviously if plumber will show up at your house and request protection equipment from your feaces and tools to do the job you will kick him out and look for some one else. In case of med. care people don't have such option, and yet you still b*tching about your inability, greed, negligence. When you went to medical school you had "infectious diseases" course regardless of your specialization. You knew, but hoped it will never touch you personally... so once again, do your job it was your choice. Not mine.
Wrong 11 month s ago
Back 11 month s ago
Hey, mean people: when you're lying there dying, remember what you said here today.
Catshark 11 month s ago
Hey, not_mean_person when you paying $17,500.00 in hour for routine half day medical procedure you buying rights to say anything, remember that too. We do remember how many people has been turned around and refused tests for SARS 2 in the recent days too. So - shove it...
Harmless 11 month s ago
Skier 11 month s ago
Quote: Harmless
... we just followed orders - anyone at Nuremberg Tribunal.
Stuck 11 month s ago
Time 11 month s ago
Scarlett Johansson 11 month s ago

I knew person who died last saturday, he never saw his fiftieth birthday.



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