Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (53 pics)

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“A mix of abstract and realism!”

“The copper wire bonsai tree i made back in 9th grade.”

“After losing a leg, an eye and having been shot through the chest, Cher Ami, a WW1 homing pigeon, was sent from behind enemy lines. After reaching her destination she passed on the message that saved 194 men. Medics saved her and fitted her with a carved wooden leg. She died a year later, a hero.”

“Caught the space station with a $17 webcam on my telescope.”

“The Milky Way, a meteor, the Moon, and a lava flow in one picture!”

Izismile Video Collection

“Hinged walnut case with three scent bottles and a funnel, 19th century France. Perfumery in a nutshell...”

This billboard for the BBC series Dracula (2020) in the UK.

The book bench inside the British Library in London.

“A 400-year-old Bonsai tree that survived the bombing of Hiroshima!”

“Major roads between towns and cities of the Ancient Roman Empire styled like a subway map.”

“Migingo Island, population of 131, only 0.0008sq mi of dirt.”

“Danny Hodge, former boxer and pro wrestler, crushing an apple with his bare hand at 80 years old. He says his strength is due to having double tendons in his hands.”

“You can draw 29,249 smiley faces before a ballpoint pen runs out of ink.”

A sculpture designed with the reflection in mind.


“One day this pic will be in a history book.”

“I created my own version of Anduin river from The Lord of the Rings movie!”

“Close look of Jupiter.”

“Close up photo of a Devil Beetle.”

“The same river in India before and after the lockdown. Now that the factories are closed, the river Yamuna finally looks like a river.”

“This old Taco Bell has never changed its sign.”

“The volcanic moon Io and its shadow cast on Jupiter.”

“The town took it a step further to describe social distancing.”

“Abandoned nuclear shelter for Soviet-era submarines, located at Pavlovsk submarine base in Primorye Krai.”

“The Lesser Long-nosed Pollinator Bat after a busy night. Over 500 species of fruit depend on these bats for pollination.”

“A centuries-old loaf of bread, preserved by the ash from Mount Vesuvius. The design on top was from a bread stamp, used by Roman bakers to mark the source of the bread and prevent fraud.”

Flat floor at a hotel.

“For the first time after World War 2, the Himalayan Ranges are visible from 230 Km away due to less pollution in lockdown!”

Lunch break on the set of Star Wars in 1977.

“A company creates sword-like keys

“Viking sword found by reindeer hunters at high altitude in the mountains of Oppland County that belonged to a Viking who lost his way and died 1100 years ago.”

“The oldest house in Aveyron, France; built some time in the 13th century.”

“East German soldier helps a little boy sneak across the Berlin Wall, 1961.”

“Some stretches of Road here in Australia are so long and barren you should pack at least 5 days worth of supplies before crossing.”

“I accidentally put a non-microwaveable cup in the microwave.”

Mountains In Russia.

“Poem written during the Scarlet Fever, circa 1942.”

A child's car seat from the 1940's.

“Firefighters in Arizona putting out a fire in Mexico over the border.”

Sculptures made from cutlery, by artist Matt Wilson.

“A wood lamp made with acrylic to make it look like it’s burning!”

Mexico City.

“A Japanese university holds avatar graduation ceremony fully online.”

“The wine box designed to be reused as a birdhouse.”

“A prankster altered the famous Hollywood sign in 1971.”

“Hong Kong Protestor Photo Nominated To Human Rights Press Awards 2020.”

“The way this cat blends in with the floorboards!”

“Los Angeles around 1930 - an ostrich carriage being stopped by the police for crossing the speed limit.”

“This dog is a chimera, a combination of a black lab embryo and yellow lab embryo.”

“The original Ronald McDonald 1963.”

This abandoned building in Alaska.



Energy Inn 9 month s ago
#9 Basil was still better than Stalin.
Because 9 month s ago
Nr. 38 is Fake.
The Scarlett Fever was end of WW I not WW II
Jump 9 month s ago
Because -

"During 1942 through 1945, 26,063 cases of scarlet fever were reported in the Army in the United States and 3,449 additional cases from the Army overseas." Office Of Medical History.

You do know when WWII was, don't you?
Harmless 9 month s ago
#52 and why are the doors magnetic?



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